Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holy Shit... an Entry!?

Well what can I say... I couldn't stay away forever. :)

Life has been pretty busy, actually (obviously). My roommates decided to move out. Originally they had a plan that looked like it was going to work out pretty well for them, but if didn't work out (like most plans) and so they're living with one of the guys' mother. C'est la vie, non?

Now, I'm alone, again. I haven't lived alone in 7 years. It was 2003 when Rob and I got back together and bought a house. 2006, he and I split up for the last time and I moved in with Twink. 2008 I moved to Port St. Lucie with Sadao. He left at the beginning of this year, leaving John and Jeremiah... who left just a week ago tomorrow.

So... since I last posted, things have been busy. Now it's me and my cat Bishop ... and my new bunny, Dargo. I find I'm happy with it... but not... all at the same time. Regardless, there's not much I can do about it at the moment.

Work life is pretty good. It's been BUSY though. I've started making a plan of my own, but I'm keeping the details "loose" so the universe can't completely screw with it. Never put all your eggs in one basket... (unless all you have is one basket).

One bit of good news, I got started on hormones again. I can already feel them starting to do their magic, too. Kinda weird... it's been a few years now. But I'm glad I'm getting MY life back in order now instead of helping every one else. I guess it is time for me for a bit. I'm here until May... after that, I don't know what. I have some ideas, but as I already said... I'm not letting the universe know too much. It fucks with me more often than I would like.

I've been thinking about taking these notes, this journal of mine and committing them to a book for anyone who might want to be the maniacal ramblings of a 40 y/o tranny. I figure that if time is money and I'm spending my time writing it all down... I might as well try to get paid for it.

Yes, things are changing for miss Jenna. I'll probably be writing more. I've got a lot to do to this house before I can vacate. I have work to do on my car (or get a new one) and there are still adventures to be had. Getting there is the hard-work part. I always hate that part. But it does make one appreciate it that much more.

Anyway, this is just a quick note to update and remind anyone who might be paying attention that I'm still here.