Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zapp & Roger

On a completely different note... I've got to get the album I'm listening to on Napster right now. It was released in 93 and contains music even older... but I just found it myself looking for something else. I was looking to find who did the song "I want to be your man." It's by an artist simply known as Roger.

On Napster, I found it on an album called "Zapp & Roger: All The Greatest Hits"

So far, every track has had me jamming to the point where I'm bouncing in my seat, throwing my arms up at my desk, and mimicing a chicken with my head... so... that has to tell ya something. :) It's all old-school funk and it just makes me wanna get up and dance in styles I can't dance... LOL. There's nothing quite like music that makes you willingly want to make a fool of yourself even while sober. :)


New Car on the Horizon

Well, not new... but new to me. I've had the same car for about 10 years now. It's a great car, it has survived so much (10 accidents, multiple parties, several trips to Indiana and back, etc.) and has been a constant companion through thick and thin. She's my baby.

Well, as I've stated in here before, there has been some contention between Sadao and I about the usage of the car. There's something about saying, "Until Forever" that we sometimes forget when it comes to personal effects. Once you're attached-at-the-hip to someone, the lines of "yours" and "mine" sometimes gets blurred. Depending upon what it is, the blurring of those lines can be a traumatic experience! That was the case when it came to sharing the car.

I've sought advice from friends and I've prayed about it too. The one thing that always holds true is that my relationship with Sadao is more important to me than the car. I'd rather get rid of the car than have it be a source of contention. So after much deliberation, I decided that the time is right to get a new car and sell him my old one. He's very good with the car, he's driven it enough to know it's in's and out's so I know my baby will be taken care of ... probably better than I took care of her, to be honest.

Another plus to this is that we will have two cars in the family again. Now if something happens when one of us are out and about, the other can come to the aid. If we both want to do something but separate from each other, we will be able to. So no more fighting over who gets to use the car when, etc. It always amuses me when people say to me, "Well, it's YOUR car so there shouldn't be any fight!" But it's a personal choice as to whether we blur those lines of ownership or not. I know that the quality of our lives has been richer for us being together and given our personal track records, we refuse to let anything get in the way of that anymore.

Since marriage is not on the table, we can't go at this with a typical "joint insurance" thing, which is probably better any way. So he's taking care of the insurance, upkeep and taxes for the Escort. That's all his responsibility and my car will be my responsibility.

Before anyone says something like, "Well, but what you are teaching him is that if he whines enough he can get what he wants." A. I'm not teaching him... he's not my student nor my child. B. I can honestly say that he knows that doesn't work. C. I did a lot of whining myself... it always takes two to tango so you can't just blame one person for a fight. D. He's paying for the car and taking on the responsibility for it.

So it's forward motion for both of us. I like this type of relationship MUCH more than how things have gone in my past relationships. There's the beauty of sharing our lives with each other without the expectations placed upon us by socio-religious stigmas and traditions. It may seem insane... and that's what I think I like about it the most. :)

Anyway, I'm done gushing now. :) One more point to the "teaching/learning" bit tho... if anyone's learning something here... it's me. I'm grateful for it too... with a mind like an empty sponge. :)


Monday, October 27, 2008

Might as well talk to the wall...

You've said it too, haven't you? "I might as well be talking to a brick wall." "Better to save my breath to cool my broth." Something like that, right? So why do we keep doing it? If trying to communicate with someone is so difficult, what's the benefit? Hrmph... I just heard Twink say "Nothing good is ever easy" in my head. I wish she'd shut up some times.

Well, since this is where I like to vent, my poor journal gets the brunt of it all. Basically, things are patched up again at home... but Mr. Cranky is still sick and therefore takes everything I say as if I'm being intentionally confrontational. Now... here's the part that I just don't get. He knows me. He knows me well enough to know that I hate confrontation. Typically, the only real reason someone will use confrontation is when they want to attention. Yes, yes... I can hear naysayers already proclaiming that there are times when confrontation is warranted. Well, it all boils down to attention.

People used to getting attention keep wanting it. It's like a psychoactive drug of the worst degree, if you ask me. Why would someone need that much attention if their life was interesting enough without it? AH hah! Yes, when life gets boring we tend to bore into other people's minds and demand their attention one way or another. Anything is better than nothing, right? And some of us are pretty damned needy. I've been there. Withdrawal isn't fun... but it's not anywhere near as bad as getting an unwanted kind of attention. Ouch. Even worse than that? Getting the kind you want and it changing in a heartbeat to the kind you don't want. It's like eating a fruit that tastes great until it suddenly rots instantly in your mouth. Whee!

Sometimes we just have to accept what life gives us with gladness while other times we will stand up and say, "No no... no more of that, thank you.. I know what that's going to do to me." I've been fortunate to be able to deal with life's sour bits and be thankful for them ... if for no other reason than they make the sweet bits taste all that much sweeter.

"That's how you view life? You feed off of it? That's sick!"

I've heard that many times. I never have a response for it, really. No point in defending something that is the very definition of life in the first place. In fact, if you really think about it... the sweet gratitude that someone gets after saying something like that is beyond measure. Because right after a statement like that usually comes something like "Well, at least I don't stoop that low!" The ironic part is that by uttering that last statement, they've put themselves in the mud right next to you...

Friend: Mr. Pot? I'd like you to meet Ms. Kettle.
Mr. Pot: "But she's black!"
Ms. Kettle: "Hrmph, have you looked in the mirror lately, biotch?"

Bah... I can't really vent these things anywhere else but here.

On another note: I found a REALLY good realtor/investor this weekend. I'm very impressed by him so far and I really think we might get somewhere with the house this time. Also, work is starting to flow a little easier... I'm very happy about that!

Halloween is coming up... not sure what I'm going to be this year... if anything. Maybe I'll go as a man. :-P


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hats Off

I want to take a moment and tip my invisible hat to Sarama O'Shae. I had the pleasure of catching up on her blog today. This newfound interest is not hard for me to figure out. Reading through her blog posts is a lot like reading through my own (when they're not laced with OMG... I can't believe... WTF... but those are just blog-vents).

Samara, your column expresses much wisdom, curiosity and wonder. I find myself smiling, laughing out loud and generally having a blast as I read the entries. I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for sharing and I look forward to reading your column for a long time to come.

On to other events...

I have calmed down quite a bit now. It's one of those disquieted calms (yeah... you figure it out if you want or just let your brain go pffft! I know what I mean). I know it's the calm before a bigger storm yet to rage. It's as if a hurricane is coming through and I've been experiencing the feeder bands ... but the eye-wall is still on it's way.

Ehh... I'm not so crazy about that analogy, but it will have to do for now. I was accused, again, of playing mind-games and holding the accuser back form what they really wanted to do in life. Considering I've never held anyone down, held a gun to anyone's head or done anything physical to stop anyone from doing anything, I find the notion ridiculous. I was accused of acting like a child and wanting it all my way. I guess we all want things our own way, and my way is honesty. Sounds strange coming from somone who's gone to great lengths to disguise their genetics... but given that I publicize my disguise, I feel that I can stand on the ground I'm standing on without fear that it will give way. After all, I know what's underneath it anyway.

I didn't respond to the accusations other than to point out what it was I was truly pissed off about. One of these days, I may learn to not respond at all. Given my mouth, that probably won't be until I've passed on, though.

My love for someone must be tough sometimes. When I agree with myself to love another person, it means that sometimes I must tell them what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. It sounds pretentious. It sounds like I'm putting myself above others. But I also know that this type of love is not foreign to anyone on the planet. It just is as it is. I don't like doing it tho... but no one said I had to like it.

I will stand behind my words with actions. Sometimes I won't say anything and just act without words.... but I am a rooster (by chinese astrology) and a consumate actor so more often I feel the need to annouce. It gives me something to shoot for for myself, I guess. "Well, I said I was going to and by God I'm gonna do it." Yes, sometimes these things get put on hold. But I know I will not forget all that I have to do, all I must repay, etc. It will all catch up with me eventually and I will hold myself accountable for anything and everything I put myself up to do.

So if I bluster on and on... if I take the moral high-ground from time to time... if I sound like I'm talkin' shit or talkin' out of my ass... take a moment and ask yourself when you might have done the same... or when it might have looked that way to someone else. Then forgive yourself for it and those around you for doing it... and do some real thinking. You'll be surprised what you can come up with once it's completely out of your system.



We all do it from time to time for different reasons. We lie. We lie on applications, to bosses (cough, cough... I'm sick), to lovers (no no, I've never felt like this before), etc. We lie. We do it for selfish reasons. I've done it. I'm sure everyone else on this planet has done it too.

I'm tired of it. I was lied to last night. Sadao's been sick the past few days. Yesterday we found out he had a fever. So I went and got him some Gatorade and tried to make sure he was comfortable. He said he needed to stay bundled up and sweat this out. I agreed.

We had some people over as well because it was Travis' birthday. Travis cooked (it's what he wanted to do) and it was really good. So I settled down to watch a movie and chill out before bedtime. After our guests left, Sadao comes out dressed to leave. He said he was going out with Travis to finish celebrating his birthday. I protested that saying that his fever just broke and that he shouldn't be going out. He wouldn't listen to me. Kept saying it was a bunch of nonsense and that he was fine.

He said they were going over to a friend's house (someone they just met online 10 minutes before he was a "friend") and would only be there a couple of hours. Said he wasn't going to spend the night or anything like that. Mind you, he has the car we share for all this. I said, "Well, okay, I think it's a mistake and that you shoudl let yourself get better... but I don't know your body or how you heal so I'll go with whatever you say there."

I was pissed at myself for getting involved again. I put my emotions out there and I was disrespected again. Gave him the benefit of the doubt, tho, and told him to be careful. That was at 11:00 p.m. last night.

This morning, I woke up at 6 a.m. The car is still not home. I sent him a text message saying, "Just a couple of hours, eh? You're a liar and you're fired." I am through with it. I'm through with taking any promise he makes as real. His actions speak volumes and so far they do nothing for me and it is far underweighing what I do for him. Will I still be his friend? Of course. He still makes me laugh and smile. But will I trust him anymore? Nope. Not for a long long time... if ever again. We shall see.

The lies have to stop.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fun at Work

Yes, you read that right. Here's the setup:

A new developer here, we'll call him Carlos for that is his name, asked to give a presentation on UML and the benefits it would have for us as developers. Being a veteran developer, the concepts presented were nothing really new... it's flowcharts for the object-oriented crowd.

Anyway, the idea is that with UML you can describe and design anything and everything about a system. The first demonstration was about a logger ... not the kind that involves chopping down trees but the kind that logs activity like events, input, output, exceptions, etc. Pretty dry stuff. Almost put me to sleep.

Then they switched to the animal kingdom. Danger Will Robinson. The choices made were a bit too pure and I fell for the whole setup.

They talked about having a dog object that would inherit from a general animal object. Then also on a deeper level to describe the dog object, one would desribe properties like legs. So there would also be a leg object which would also have ties to other objects like cats, etc.

About that time was when Carlos said it... "and using UML we can then describe the natural relationship between a dog and a leg." That was enough for me. I lost it. I couldn't contain myself. I blurted out with laughter in the middle of the conference room, prompting my co-worker Jose to do the same thing. As I looked around the room I saw everyone but my boss got the joke. Later I found out that my boss had gotten the joke but apparently was a little irritated that I blew up in the middle of the conference.

I couldn't help it! The images got the better of me and that's all she wrote!

Since my other co-worker informed me of my boss's displeasure, I've had mixed feelings about the event now. I guess I should have "maintained my composure" but good God... no amount of money and no job in the world is worth not being able to laugh.

I really wish the world could lighten up. It would be a much better place, really.



Okay... I have a confession to make. I think girls are hot. There, I said it. I wasn't supposed to, but I did. I don't know what happened, how it happened, or why... but somewhere the swich got flipped. It's strange that when I was 100% male I had little to no interest in the whole guy-girl thing with me in the masculine role. I didn't even have interest in the guy-guy thing with me in a masculine (read TOP) role. Since sometime after my surgery, I've begun to experience genuine attraction for the fairer sex. I'm not talking about sex... although the concept does intrigue me. I'm talking about actually feeling a connection there.

Maybe I just don't like to be at odds with my lover ... and yet apparently we have to be in order to make it work. That just doesn't make sense to me! Well, it does from a binary-polarity-system idea... male, female, black, white, on, off, left, right... one must have the opposing force in order to be complete. Two halves of the same whole, right?

So what the hell? I seriously think a female-to-male transsexual is the right choice for me, somehow. It would make perfect sense, wouldn't it? I dunno. It's just confusing as all hell sometimes. I try not to think about it but I have a lot of time on my hands.

At any rate... here are some famous women that I find attractive and why.

Michelle Clunie - Played Melanie Marcus on Queer as Folk. She's a tough-as-nails lesbian that doesn't take crap from anyone. She's got a beautiful body, smart, beautiful smile... but has that fire in her eyes that just supercharges my interest. *sigh* ... the girl who plays Lindsey, on the other hand, is a total basketcase and wimp... more like me, I'll admit.

Angelina Jolie - It's a recurring theme here, no? Again tough, brilliant, witty, beautiful, charming.

Claudia Black - Played Aeryn Sun on Farscape. How could anyone not love this woman? She'd be a pain in the ass, but in the sack and in the realm of love... a fierce lover, protector and nurturer.

Beth Massi - The only non-actress on my list. I first learned of her through my friend Jose. Beth used to work for the same company I work for now. She got fed up and left before I ever got there. She now works at Microsoft. I've seen videos of her doing interviews with other VB.NET team members at Microsoft and I've read her blog. I've experienced code she's written at GiftRAP. She's absolutely brilliant, funny, fun-loving, and apparently stubborn and hot-headed. Pure magic in her smile, too.

But alas, these are not meant to be for me since they all have their own lives far away from me, etc. most of them married lives. But I can't deny the attraction. I spent the night with a guy two days ago and although it was fun and I definitely got my freak on... I still find it less stimulating than the exchanges Twink and I used to have. (Twink is another one I would put on my list).

I don't understand it. I can't qualify or explain it. The only thing I can think to describe it is that these people bring out facets of my personality that I absolutely adore to express... but don't have the opportunity to in a world where I have to be so damned amenable. Steven put it best... he wanted someone to fight with. It's crazy! But it's true. Someone you can spar with that can take everything you can dish out... and for whom you can take everything they dish out too. Between the two of you, you know that nothing can take the others' place and that in no way would you ever do anything to really harm the other.

But it can't only be like that. There has to be warm and fuzzy, cuddly lovey times too. The perfect balance between these concepts is established between two people who truly love each other. You feel safe enough to trust that they won't throw the punch that kills you and they won't walk away from you in the middle of a good fight... or a good love.

So... I'm not sure what to do now... but wait and see what God has in store for me. I can only say this tho... it'll be someone extraordniary, that's for sure!


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Previous 24

So, the last 24 hours has been interesting, to say the least. For the first time in a couple years, I had a date last night. Picked me up at about 8:30 and we went to Applebee's for a couple drinks and then out to the beach. I won't go into the details about what happened as it's too personal for an open blog like this (yes Samara, I'll write about it in my private journal), but I think it's sufficient to say that I had a wonderful time! Even if I never see him again, I will hold the memory of last night until I die. :D

Naturally, I was in a pretty good mood at work today. I managed to get two big things resolved at the office today, for which I'm blissfully thankful for! I felt a weird vibe today at the office and had to get my feelings confirmed or denied by my boss. It was the same vibe I had just before I was let go at Radixx. Fortunately I was completely off-base. There's a lot of concern about our next release for some reason.

I'll never understand why we as human beings get all bent out of shape over doing something we love doing, getting paid for it, and then getting paid more to keep doing it even better than before. It's the whole "meeting expectations" thing. But I would think that if people are happy with the product, there's really no need to make such grand expectations and then horsewhip people into doing meeting them. A much better model is to encourage the growth, development and excitement of the application rather than set high expectations that have to be met... OR ELSE.

I'd rather be happy with what I have and then be pleasantly surprised by a new version of a product than deal with "regular releases" that have been forced into production without adequate testing or thought. That leads to bugs and problems and all kinds of stupidity.

Anyway, I was in a pretty good mood when I got home. I went in to chat with Sadao but he's apparently in a mood because when I made a fun-loving comment about what he was doing (browsing a gay website) I got the "mind-yer-own-business" attitude. Well, that always results in the same response from me... which is to shut down and leave him alone.

I really wish I could meet someone that was a) interested in me physically and b) could spar mentally with me without taking it so seriously. It would be so much fun! I guess it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye, eh? (then it's friggin' hysterical).

I got two other parties possibly interested in the house this week. I'm going to meet one of them this weekend. Hopefully, with time, money, blood, sweat, tears and patience (LOTS of patience) I can finally get this albatross off my neck.

Anyway, just a quick update since I didn't have time to do that earlier.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Cooler Head

Okay... I've cooled off a little bit since my last post. After really thinking this through I can see that I'm in the same position with Sadao as Rob was in with me a few years ago.

When Rob and I were together, I had a habit of inviting friends over to party at our house. When problems came up (drama) I was unwilling to tell these people, to whom I had opened our home, to get the hell out. At one point, during the aftermath of one of these parties, I looked to Rob and he ordered the exodus of the party people ... or at least the ones causing the problem.

I understand now what Rob was feeling and thinking at that time. I invited these people. It was my home just as much as it was Rob's. If I had a problem with them, I should have kicked them out myself. It can be done in a nice way. Unfortunately it had to be done in a rather threatening way by that point. Cliques were created and a whole lot of he-said, she-said started going on. This is what I get for paying attention in school and not getting involved in high-school politics in high-school... they eventually caught up with me.

Now, I'm in the same situation but my role has changed. Now I'm the one looking at others taking far too much advantage of our hospitality... but I didn't send out the invitations this time. I'm wondering if history must repeat itself with me in Rob's role. Do I have to step in and lay down the law? It *is* my home too... so from one vantage point it would seem that I should. However, if I do all the work, then Sadao will not learn to do it for himself. Maybe he must learn it the same way I did. If that's the case, I fear that the relationship between Sadao and I will suffer for it. Then again, it might get stronger, who knows.

I'd like to point out that these are not "couple problems." In no way does my personal relationship with Rob bear any resemblance to my relationship with Sadao. Sadao and I are not a couple. These are situational problems that I just got away from... only to see them come knocking at my door again.

I've chosen to no longer expect Sadao or Travis to be able to contribute anything to the household monetarily. I accept that there are things they can and can not do and I've taken to calling them family, so that's that. Now, I would just ask that they help protect what's ours and not leave it open for theives ... even theives who are pretty, nice, funny, and all-around fun people to be around. (wink)



"You do too much!" "You're not helping!" ARGH!

Why can't people just take care of themselves? WHY?! Why can't they see the world around them and handle their own business? Why do we let depression and self-pity take control of our actions?! It makes me so mad!!

My roommate gets SO cranky and maudlin in the mornings. He's sick right now, so it's double-trouble. Meanwhile, I'm trying to focus on things that will keep my spirits light and my energies focused on what needs to be done. And yet that disgusting little monster called depression always finds it's way to my door through someone I care about. I'm sick of it!

Is the answer to stop caring? Should I just stop giving a shit about other people and mind my own business? That's what Twink would suggest. How much depressing BS can one person take before they just tell everyone to shut the hell up and start doing something about their lives?

Yes... yes, I'm not much of one to talk here. I've been in the grip of the monster too. It's held me back from being all that I can be in the past and it will probably try to find another avenue of attack against me at it's earliest convenience. Before, I would let it rule over me and guide my actions. I would let it strangle me into giving up so much of myself until there was almost nothing left. Now, it's just making me angry and it would seem that all the kindness in the world will not defeat it.

This is a case where Love MUST become tough. It must bear the brunt of the onslaught of negativity and stand stalwart against it. It makes me cringe, though. I never know whether or not the person within the grips of the monster will see for themselves that I am not against THEM... but THAT which HAS them. I can feel the desire to fight welling up within me... and it is not a fight with my friends... it's a fight with the monster itself.

The sins of self. I'm not talking about taking care of one's self and being true to one's self. I'm talking about putting one's self in a position to demand pity or praise for their situation or actions. We do what we do because we are led to do it. Just be sure what's leading you is right for you. If it's not, then take action to change it... and fast... before it sucks the very life out of you.

I know how my roommate felt now when he had to deal with my battle with the monster. I understand his love for me moreso now than I did before. This monster is a tricky little bastard. He can use just about anything to keep us from seeing eye-to-eye and sharing our love with one-another... it goes on around us all the time... all over the world... between people and nations... and it's being doing it for several millennia.

I pray for the strength and endurance to withstand the crap and see past the bullshit into my friend's eyes... and to help him see himself the way I do... the way God sees him. So that he might see that his burden is not so heavy as he thinks... and that he has nothing to fear.

Pray for us, please.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Secret Agent Super Drag Queen

I'll get to the subject of this entry in a minute. First, I'm gonna talk about this blog.

Well, okay... my "blog" is more like a "journal" or "diary." Let's consider where "blog" comes from. It's a shortened version of Weblog... which is just a conjunctive word made up of web and log. The web is slang for the World Wide Web. Log, in this context, is similar to a chronological list of activities. So, it's a time-dated list of things and the list is stored on the web somewhere. Yay!

Well, to me, a log is something that say... a ship's captain would keep. It might also be a list of activities that are done by someone in their job. Basically, it's action auditing. So, since this is more of a collection of feelings, advice and esoteric notions than it is activities (yes, these things are based on actions) I guess it's more of a journal. I would use LiveJournal for this... but it sucks. Moving on.

There once was an old movie called "Secret Agent Super Dragon" ... it was basically a child's view of what being a super spy must be like ... but played out by obviously adult actors. The worst James Bond movie times ten. Anyway, Joel and the Bots from Mystery Science Theater 3000 took it on and comedy history was made with the line "I'm a naughty little cheesy blintz!" Yeah, you'll have to see it to understand it.

At any rate, this was one of my favorites when the show was on the air. The epitome of ridiculousness and the good sense to make fun of it. Well, I found it out at FYE last night in a collection with 3 other MST3K movies. $60 was the price of my nostalgic happiness. Yes, I could have used that for just about anything else that would further my life. But I really needed a mighty dose of the good stuff last night.

Watching it last night, I realized how really nuts the main character was about his appearance, presence and cockiness. Considering what I know about drag queens (which is a lot, trust me on this one), I can safely say that anyone that would call themselves super dragon could (and probably should) be classifed as a drag queen.

I'm considering remaking that movie shot-for-shot with a drag queen as the main character. It would actually make a lot more sense that way, I think.

Anyway... moving on.

I'm looking forward to working on resurrecting iamjenna.com this weekend. I have ideas for the project now that are burning me up with motivation! Everything on my site was completely original. From the code that ran the site to all the content for the site (videos, pictures, writings and music). Is it posisble that this old queen still has some creativity buried deep within her like a neanderthal trapped in a block of ice? Yes, I think it is. :) For I *am* Secret Agent Super Drag Queen. :)


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sally Fields Moments

It's funny how one small thing can motivate me to get moving on something when mountains of other things, usually much larger in size or imperative, will generate nothing more than a staunch resistance to progress.

Shortly after my last post, Samara O'Shea sent me an e-mail thanking me for mentioning her book. I certainly wasn't expecting a thank-you and it shook me up a little. Now, yes, I know, we're all humans on the same planet, our similarities are more abundant than our differences, etc. blah blah blah... so nothing should really surprise me anymore. But the unexpected will never cease to surprise us. I think that's part and parcel to the meaning of "unexpected."

At any rate, she said she was looking forward to following my blog. As odd as this might sound, it struck a little fear in my heart. What on Earth did I really have to be afraid of? Nothing. But still, I found myself digging through my blog looking for things that I wanted to say then but am now not so sure I still want to say that I said them. I felt like a teenager, hastily straightening up my room before a friend arrived. This, in a nutshell, is motivation.

While in the throes of wondering what the hell I've said over the past few months, I re-read what's at the top of my blog:

Here you'll find tales of my journeys through life. Regardless of what they mean to me or anyone else, the facts remain that they occurred and they are hereby recorded for anyone bored enough to read through it. I am a post-operative male-to-female transsexual, a software developer, a musician, a geek of the highest order... but more basic that that... just another lonely, confused human on this planet... and these are my stories.

Had I really talked about any of that stuff in my blog? *shrug* Beats me. But now it seems I've come to a cross-roads again. I recall having a website called iamjenna.com ... one that I really wish ... ... ...

Okay... once again, happy weirdness abounds. I interrupted my own entry here to go check on something and it completely changed where all this is going. I was about to reminisce about my old site and how motivated I was with it, and how I gave it up and then couldn't get it back... ptooey!

I just checked... the domain name is available again. Well... not any more right now! I just snatched it back from the jaws of death. W00t! It was being held up by one of those "This doman name is available for purchase from our stinky company" things and so I figured I'd never see it again. Things are oddly coming together!

Well, before I start affecting the internet and the lives around me too much more (who knows, I might affect time itself soon), I'm going to close this entry and reflect on the miraculousness of this event. More later, apparently!

Note To Self

I picked up a book yesterday which I have the feeling is going to be a fun read. It's by Samara O'Shea and it's called "Note To Self: On Keeping a Journal and Other Dangerous Pursuits." It's basically writings from this woman's journal's accompanyed with how writing in her journal because theraputic and empowering for her. I'm actually considering this book as a gift for a friend of mine. I think she would really enjoy it and identify with some of what the writer has said. I just got through the introducion and already I'm hooked. :)

No further progress on getting the house in Orlando sold yet. I'm not sure when/if that will happen at this point.

I might have a date soon. !!shock!! We'll see... he's a boat captain and ... wow... I just thought about that just now. Well, anyway, he's a boat captain and he tried to jump in the sack with me from day one but I disappointed him there. However, he hasn't run away yet either so I'm just gonna wait and see how this works out. One thing I know for certain... I'll not be one of "those" at "every port" kinda girls.

In other news, my roommates and I continue to irritate, confuse, worry and uplift each other like some strange, eclectic, dysfunctional family. Sadao might have picked up a DJ gig for us in May (MAY!... wtf?!) at a school. Travis is still jobless and I am sleepless.

On the up side... Jay said I'd get a massage today. That's happy since my neck, shoulders and back are killing me today.

Anyway... more later.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Sense of Perspective

I've been a little down on myself for my job performance. I've been feeling like I've really not been performing well since there are some work items that I just haven't been able to get to and other work items have been taking me longer than predicted.

A thought occurred to me to actually do some metrics tho, just for grins.

I was hired at this company to write in Visual Basic.NET 2008. Up until August 8th, that's what I was doing. On July 25th (or perhaps shortly before) they switched me to start learning and working on a 4 year old application written in Visual FoxPro. I had never touched VFP code in my life... didn't know the language at all.

The work items are all recorded as needing just a few hours to complete. That's been my stumbling block.

But here's the facts... and they are indisputable:

I've been a VFP developer for just under 12 weeks now (83 days to be precise). I've completed code for 13 work items in that time. I'd say that 13 work items completed by an "entry level developer" in a language they've never seen before on an application with 4 years of history and changes is pretty darned good. Maybe I'm being a little precocious, but I guess I do deserve a little slack, after all.

So.... thhhppptptptptpttpp to those stupid feelings of depression.



Saturday, October 11, 2008

What are you anyway?

I wrote this as a response to a question on TS Dating where someone had asked what a real TS is since he had found so many "fakers" on the site. There was a lot of "yeah! there ARE a lot of fakers!" going on in response and I had to step in and say something for those whose voices were not being heard. I guess I just can't get rid of the Superman gene no matter how hard I try.

This is going to be a rather lengthy post and I apologize to those out there with short attention spans. Try to stick with it, tho, as you are able.

To answer the question from a grammatical/definitive angle, here's what dictionary.com has to say about it:

1. a person who has undergone a sex change operation [syn: transsexual]
2. a person whose sexual identification is entirely with the opposite sex [syn: transsexual]

I'm not about to go on about what one is supposed to be beyond that other than to say this: Look at women in life. There are ALL kinds. To assume that there is only ONE kind of transexual would be just as heinous as saying there's only one kind of woman or one kind of man.

Looking back, I can see that for me, personally, the physical journey of transition was to make the outer body image match the inner body image. It was so that when I look into the mirror, I don't see a stranger's face. That's me, personally.

I absolutely laud and lift up those who make changes in their lives to bring about their own happiness as long as it does not bring physical harm to another creature on God's Green Earth.

Mental & Emotional harm are definitely nothing to dismiss, however I can personally attest to the ability of a strong mind to only become stronger through this kind of torture.

Before my surgery, I sought division between the gender expressions. I looked down my nose at anyone who was not serious about surgical reassignment and considered them fake, shallow, only about sex, and treated people... human beings... with a holier-than-thou attitude. I was righteous and they were scum. I was goal-oriented, centered, focused and deliriously happy with myself and my friends who all agreed with me.

After my surgery, I went through a period of depression the likes of which I had never before experienced. I sought out a group of friends that were "gender normal" but accepted all humans thinking that I could finally fit in to the society I so desperately wanted to be a part of in the role that I wanted to play.

The problem is, my secret was discovered and became known throughout my group of friends. Suddenly, I was an enemy... not because I had changed my gender, but because I had lied to them. With love and patience, they got over it... but I had a great struggle with it, personally. In the end, I lost my lover of 10 years, my house, my job and eventually all the friends I had made prior to surgery, and those after my surgery.

It has taken me a VERY long time to recuperate from all this. To be able to stand up to ANYONE who asks the questions and say, "Yes, you're right, I didn't *NEED* to change. There was nothing wrong with me before. And there's nothing wrong with me now, either."

Look at us... all of us... Normies, CDs, TVs, TSs, GQs, DQs, whatever the label... take a really GOOD look. We are all those who stand up to a society that says, "You must live like this" and we respond with a healthy, "Hell No, We Won't GO!" attitude. That's incredible! That's something to celebrate! The more division we create, the worse things gets. It requires more legislation, more definition, more and more and more and more ... red tape and bullshit.

Live and Let Live isn't a personal motto. It's a motto for ALL people.

I bring this to you as an honest, loving warning about what hate for love's sake can bring to one's life. Someone else's way may not be your way, but if it's making them happy and not hurting another in the process, let them have their life their way.

Henry David Thoreau said it very poetically:

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music he hears , however measured or far away."


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The One

So once again, I'm gonna post something that I wrote on a different site first. On the TSDating site, one of the girls decided to start a threat about what we girls looked for in a man. She began to describe her soul-mate's qualities and was told that she'd probably not find that here. I had to chime in, of course, and this is what I wrote. (removed the names tho)


Yeah, I hear ya. And A******, you might be right. But the topic's pretty valid I think. I think it's different for everyone, too. Some people are comfortable in a cottage while others need a mansion.

So why not keep the thread going anyway. Personally, I'm fairly self-sufficient. I've had to be. I've learned that I can do without a lot more than I thought I do without.

I've had many companions throughout my life so far. In most cases we swore to stick with each other to the end even though it didn't happen. That was usually because the definition of what was required to stick together became different than what the definition was when we got started. Funny how that works.

For me, my life-long companion will be someone who doesn't need me for anything ... and I won't need them for anything either. We will be the best of friends that WANT to be with each other, not need. We will WANT to let each other experience life the way we each need to for ourselves and then WANT to share those experiences with each other, keep each other company, keep each other from having to sleep alone, etc. There will be no expectations and complete trust.

That person will also be someone that will be beyond reproach. If someone tries to tell me something "negative" about my companion, it won't make me wonder or bring me doubt. It will be a ridiculous notion to me because of my love and trust for that person. That person will be my life-long love for I will never be proven otherwise even with insurmountable evidence to the contrary. There will be a reason for any "curious activity" that he or she does which will become evident with time.

I can safely say that because I firmly believe that man can not separate those who are truly brought together in Love.

As far as other things like physicalities and personality... what I look for is written right on my profile. I may be so blessed that my life-long companion fits my physical needs too. But then again, I might not. I might become a paraplegic or become blind or something that takes one or more of the physical joys away from me.

But the life-companion or soul-mate is what I seek. I doubt I'll find them here. I may have already found them and just can't see it for myself yet. Life has a funny way of changing when you least expect it, so do yourself a favor and live it with joy and without regret or concern about "the one" for you. That person is out there somewhere, wondering the same thing right now.


I think that pretty much sums it up. On a personal/selfish note... I hope I'm right about having already met that person. Because there's someone I miss a lot.


Friday, October 3, 2008

A Dissertation on Love

God... don't I ever talk about anything else? Well, no, not really.

So, I'm this dating website called TSDating.com. The site's okay... but the people are top-notch. One girl had a question about the phrase "The Best Of Both Worlds" and what it meant. There were LOTS of comments and a great discussion came about from it. I felt compelled to write on it myself and then felt compelled to share it here:
From my own experience... I've been:

1. Attracted to girls as a guy.
2. Attracted to guys as a guy.
3. Attracted to guys as a girl.
4. Attracted to girls as a girl.

5. ... ... so far I've been staying within my own species.

Looking back, the one thing I've seen in common with ALL of these cases was how we felt about each other as people and how we complemented each others' lives so well.

A line from Debbie on Queer As Folk comes to mind... "Gender is just God's way of accessorizing."

Honestly, if you have the chemistry, you can work out the physics involved and then both partners have the best of each others' worlds, in my opinion.

I've often thought that perhaps the "Best of Both Worlds" meant that I was already complete and requiring nothing more. At the time, that felt very lonely to me. It was almost a "write-off" as if to say "Well, you don't really need anything else, you've got the best of both worlds... so just go have fun."

But nobody NEEDS anyone else. We CAN all survive in this world without companionship. So I found it to be a rather irritating statement when spoken from that aspect because it implied exclusion rather than inclusion.

The point is, we can choose to accept comments such as this one as admiration or as sarcasm or as anything we want. I've learned, for myself, to judge the spirit that is present when things are said, rather than what was actually said. If the spirit is good and light-hearted, there is nothing to fear. If the spirit is not, then other reactions will arise.

I guess I didn't answer the question much other than to say that for me, it depends on who said it and how they said it before I can make a judgment call. It's more of a feeling than a knowing.


I guess what I'm saying here is... Love is. Sometimes it falls apart... sometimes it comes back together. Sometimes it acknowledges boundaries (why... I have NO clue)... and sometimes it just overflows. Anyway, just thought I'd share that.


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Revelations and Re-Visions

Phew... yesterday was interesting.

Last night I got a call from someone I didn't expect to hear from. She and I have had an interesting past together. She sent me an e-mail that I finally realized was a "Thank You" note. She described how her view on life, enemies, friends, etc. had changed based on the experiences we had shared. They had changed for the better for her. I had been looking at from a very selfish viewpoint up until then. This time, I let God show me what she was saying. It would be an understatement to say that I was moved. I realized that although our experiences had been fraught with despicable actions toward each other, we had both learned so much from the experience that it was beyond our ken at the time to see what the purpose of it was.

I thank God for finally revealing to me the reason for the "shortcut" through the wilderness ... it didn't feel like a shortcut at the time... but I know that based on the direction I was heading before I met her, it would have taken me a MUCH LONGER time to figure it out.

It's hard to know when we're being selfish sometimes. What is taught is not always learned as it was intended to be learned.

On another note, I found that I'm going to have quite the task ahead of me regarding the house in Orlando. Apparently one of the bathrooms is in dire need of cleaning... the fridge still has food in it... and the back door lock has been broken (which means there might have been homeless people in the house at some point... only God knows what I might find there). So I'm leaving for Orlando EARLY on Saturday to get to the house in plenty of time to review it and take care of some things before the realtor gets there. I should also have had the lawn resolved before then, too.

Lastly, I was given a tiny revelation today. Last night I stopped Amadeus (Travis' cat) from killing a mouse in the driveway. But I apparently didn't notice the other mouse. I found it this morning. I know that in the wild, the mouse acts as food for the cat. I know it's nature. But I have a soft spot for all God's creatures great and small.

While I was thinking about this, I was reminded of a passage in Isaiah, chapter 11, verse 6:

"And the wolf will dwell with the lamb, And the leopard will lie down with the young goat, And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together; And a little boy will lead them."

I was thinking last night that this was something we were to achieve here on Earth. Then I remembered Luke 12:51:

"Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division."

I thought about this and realized that the wolf dwelling with the lamb was symbolic for the peace that death provides us... when we are all truly equal again. It is not for us to change the nature that God (in His infinite wisdom) has put in motion. He knew that through conflict we would become stronger and would understand the nature of that strength and when to use it. I never liked conflict, but I understand it's purpose now.

I find it slightly humorous that I took several trips via mind-expanding substances to find the answers to life, existence, behavior, etc. only to come full circle and re-discover the words written years ago as they were meant for me to read. Now I just need to get a Bible again.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beat the Clock

Well, technically, the clock has already beaten me. But I might still have a chance.

Basically, I'm trying to get rid of a house in Orlando (not an easy task these days). My mortgage company is not very pleased with me (to say the least) but they're being a little understanding given some of the crap I've been going through lately.

Anyway... I have a realtor now who specializes in short sales. I've also left messages for a couple of lawn-care companies who can hopefully get the lawn in order. I'm meeting with the realtor on Saturday to discuss what we can do.

If I don't get a sale on the house in 90 days, Countrywide will let me do a deed-in-lieu. But until then, I have to try to get the house sold. Not an easy task by any means. This house has already affected my credit now for the past 7 months (yay!) so I'm gonna be hip-deep in this for a while. But, sometimes healing takes a while (as I mentioned before).

Anyway, hopefully there's still enough time to get out from under
this house without the bank smashing my nads completely. We'll see.