Monday, July 2, 2012

War, good God y'all.

It seems I was wrong about something.  I've always said that the way to stop war is for one side to stop fighting, forcing the end of the war.  Within the strictest guidelines of terminology, that is true since one definition of war is a state of being between two or more entities.  But even without the war it appears that hostilities remain. Sometimes they stronger than ever since the war, at least, assuaged the hostilities.

So I won't try to stop war anymore.  Ceasing hostilities is more noble goal... but also a harder one to achieve.  You cannot exert control to cause the cessation of hostilities.  That takes time and absence.  Even death cannot cease hostilities.  In some cases, it can even cause hostilities to breed.

I know that love can do it, because love cannot exist where there is hatred present.  But it's not as contagious or as boisterous and pushy as hatred.  It won't force it's way into someone's heart... it has to be invited and accepted and cared for.  It is a very weak force of nature in it's infancy... but it can grow to be mighty and strong if cared for properly.

The older I get, the more I understand some of the words of wisdom passed down to me from those older and wiser than I.  They made little to no sense at the time, until I saw them in practice in my own life.   It's not an easy thing to love your enemies.  It's not an easy thing to watch your friends and loved ones wrestling with a hatred that you know will consume them if they let it.  It's not an easy thing to give of yourself to those that "don't deserve it" based on what the law and the dogma say.   But everyone has a breaking point.  At some point, the fight must end.

We reap what we sow, make sure it's love that you grow.