Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hell Yeah

I've been feeling a bit depressed. Yesterday was a total wash and today, even though I had a computer and a chair, was still kinda crazy. Had a big meeting today and worked out a plan... but there's a lot of process red tape that has to be handled first before I can do anything. It's irritating because I have so little time here. Or rather had. The original plan had me returning on Friday with a flight at 12:20 p.m. This would mean I would not even be able to show up to work on Friday. So what's the point? I now have two days to get shit done and it was looking like the trip was wasted.

So I was texting Twink about it and I suddenly got it in my head to suggest she come up here. She didn't say no. :) So I spent the time that I would have spent twiddling my thumbs figuring out how to accomplish this. We lucked out on a great price for a ticket and now she's going to be here tomorrow and stay through the weekend! As a result, I'll be here until mid to late next week now, but at least I might be able to get some good work done and also have some fun hanging out in Denver with my best friend in the whole damned world.

Shortly after we got all this sorted out... we were all called to a meeting... ALL of us... ALL of FHMS. FHMS has been bought by a monster company called Nova Information Systems or something like that. 209 BILLION dollar company. Why? They wanted the very technology that FHMS bought from GCS... the stuff *I* wrote.

This really put me in a weird place. I've already been through this acquisition shit before. I recognized the looks of terror, confusion and uncertainty on the faces of everyone here. But now it's different. Now the requests for people to move to Denver make more sense. I think they've known this for quite some time and have been worried that without the knowledge, skills and talents of the people that made it possible for them to get acquired, they're going to be "standing in the middle of the road with their dicks in their hands saying 'Why Us?'" So what happens to me and others that brought them here? I don't know. It could mean "move to Denver or else." It could mean that I'm now a V.I.P. and can demand anything I want. Dunno how it's all going to play out yet. I must be ever watchful now. Especially considering that Twink and I have a fledgling company in the works (plurrecords.com) that we want to see succeed. Not to mention the fact that I really REALLY want to get somewhere with my own music and possibly become a DJ and live set performer of some small amount of notoriety (not for the fame or fortune... just for the fun of doing it and hopefully touching the lives of those who hear it).

The future is a bit uncertain. But one thing I can guarantee is this. I will meet it head on with integrity and honesty. I'm tired of drama, bullshit, stupidity, ridiculousness, etc. No more shall any of that darken the doorway of my house or anyone that I call friend (provided I can help it). Be forewarned, all those that would attempt to interrupt the lives of me or my friends with petty-ass bullshit, you will be met head on with more vigor and determination than you can possibly imagine. Hell Yeah.

Monday, January 30, 2006


So, this is a backdated entry. I decided to start updating my journal again and this time keep it up day to day. Even if it's just the day-to-day BS of life, at least it's a record of my life. A LOT has happened since my last post, and I might bring it up here some time... but until I do... here's the latest.

So, last week some time, my boss's boss begged me to come up here to Denver to work with them on moving some of our processes from Orlando do Denver. I'm not sure what to think about all of it really. On the one hand it's a good idea because it will allow us to get some new development time in Orlando. However, on the other hand, it may just be what FHMS needs to push more and more people out of Orlando. They're already making overtures and suggestions that people move here. Yeah, it's pretty... but the climate sucks (for me anyway) and my heart belongs to Florida (as fucked up as it is... Florida that is, not my heart).

So, I get here... and they don't even have a computer... OR A CHAIR for me. I had a desk and monitor and that was it. So by the time 3:30 pm local time rolled around, she suggests I just go back to the hotel and wait until tomorrow. Sounded like a damn good idea to me... I didn't get any sleep the night before anyway.

So I came back here to the hotel, assed out for three hours, woke up and watched 24 and then slept until the next day. Wasted Monday. Weeeeee.