Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Starting Over

I should probably be alarmed that I'm blogging again.

Those who have nothing to say typically are pretty wise and happy people (or so I've been told). Based on my own life experiences, I'd have to agree with that particular saying.

An old friend of mine told me once she only wrote in her journal when she had something to say and it usually wasn't very fun stuff to write about.

I've decided to challenge that particular notion. I'm choosing to write about my life and it's various twists and turns, not for pity or self-aggrandizement... but to just record my life... as it is... no frills, no philosophy... just stuff that happens, why it happens and how I feel about it.

I have won some, I have lost some. I have won BIG ... and I have lost big. I've learned to discern truth from fiction, sincerity from falsehoods and right from wrong as it applies to my life.

Here, I'll detail them.

These are all new stories from here on out. No past stories, old journal entries about the way life used to be and yadda yadda, blah. No point in digging up the past and pointing out how ugly it is... we already know how things rot in the ground. But at least they can provide good nutrients for future things. :)

So, if it interests you to read these things... great, I hope you get your internet dollar's worth. If not, please consider finding me and pulling me away from the keyboard and buying me a drink. I'll pay you back... I'm good for it.


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