Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yet Another New Beginning

I guess it's time to start writing again.  Again, this could be good or bad.  I think it's good though.  At least it's a creative outlet.  :)  After living in Port Saint Lucie, FL for four years, I have moved out on my own in my own place... a little duplex in Cocoa, FL.  It's different.

I've lived with other people since October 31, 2003.   That's when Rob and I got our place in Orlando.  I've not lived alone for almost 9 years, and the silence is a bit deafening.  My friends keep telling me things like, "You'll get used to it."  "You'll make new friends."  "You've earned the rest."  "We're just a phone call away."

Those words are appreciated, don't get me wrong.  And I know I've said those words to others just as honestly and with as much goodwill as they.   Doesn't change much though.  The only thing that did get me going was a good friend who had the guts to say, "You chose this, you know. I didn't have anyone there for me when I started living on my own either."

It felt, initially, like a rebuke.  Like I wasn't there for her when she needed me.  Not saying I don't deserve one... but who likes rebukes... even if we do deserve them?  Over the past half-hour I've changed my mind about it.  She's one of the few that won't come to my self-created pity parties.  She helped clear the fog that I was in.

At any rate, quick update... more to come.  I started working for a new company, run by someone I used to work for years ago.  I work from home, which is good and bad... those of you who work from home know what I'm talking about.  I'm also hoping that, given enough time, I can actually start revisiting my creative outlets of music again.  I've started to make a few tentative steps back out into that arena.   I'll close this entry with an example of that.  Here's a remix I made of David Guetta's "Sexy Bitch."


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duende005 said...

Hello, MissDirection! Love this track! I am wondering if you are still looking to work w/ other musicians (saw your profile on Bandmix). I am a vocalist, but primarily a composer (just graduated from UCF with a music composition degree). Anyway, my Facebook name is Lcrosbygarcia if you would be interested in starting a dialogue. Look forward to hearing from you! cheers...L.