Thursday, June 18, 2009

Does anyone have a HAPPY story?


I have these RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds that I check with an RSS reader. What is a feed? It's sorta like a news source. My blog can be an RSS feed too. Anytime I update it, your RSS reader can inform you, "Yo, that tranny bitch updated her blog... here's what she wrote."

So, back to MY RSS feeds... I have several. Oh Gizmo!, MTV Movie News, I Can Has CheezeBurger, etc. I also have a couple of transgender news feeds. It brings me all sorts of news from the queer world (not just the gender-benders).

Today, I got a hit about a queer film festival and started reading through the offerings. In this list of literally dozens of short films, the ONLY transgender film posted was another sad tale... this one about the sorrows of being transgender in a strictly muslim society.

HELLO PEOPLE?! Where's the transsexual romantic comedy? Where's the story of 3 to 5 tranny friends that hang out together? Where's the uplifting story of the cross-dresser that fought to save the homeless? For all the bitching and moaning about how we gender-benders just want to be part of society, all we ever seem to produce is stories about how we don't fit into society.

Oh sure, there's stories about unwilling changes. Those that through some magical means end up the opposite to their own gender and have to deal with it. There are stories of those that use crossing gender lines as a way to get what they want, only to find out it's harder than it looks and end up learning a valuable lesson in the end. But these are not about trans people. They're about people who are chauvanistic assholes that need to learn about humanity.

Just once, I would love to see a story about a transsexual person that was truly uplifting and funny. Not contrived and forced into a hollywood genderqueer formula but one that really showed the human life from my view-point.

Yeah, I hear you in my head saying, "well... why don't YOU write it, dumb-ass." Well maybe I will.

I just wanted to bitch about it for a second, can you blame me? Of course you can. Ah spit. Alright, I guess I'll put this energy to use.


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