Thursday, June 18, 2009

No shame in my game.

This came across the wire in one of my RSS feeds today. Ole' Patty is up to her (err..) his old tricks again, feeding bullshit to the masses instead of mushrooms. It's no wonder all the Christians I know that agree with him have such sour-puss looks on their faces considering the "spiritual food" he give them is pretty sour.

Proud, Pat? Yes. Very. And, oddly enough, I'm even proud of you for never wavering in your stance or your beliefs either. We will always disagree and we will not be meeting in the here-and-now or the hereafter if things continue as they are. I believe in one-conditional love. That condition is the very condition it states. Nothing else. If you truly have love in your heart, Pat... you'll embrace ALL God's children, instruct them to love one another without reservation and do the same yourself, and leave the judgment calls to your creator.

I worry for you, Pat. Please don't walk down the road of righteousness. Try the road of humility, just once. It's a hard road, but nothing good is ever easy.

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