Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lawyers, Money... No Gun

Got paid today.... w00t! That's always a good day even if the day itself seemed kinda pointless. When I got in to work I was asked to start working on a new search form for reservations. This is all well and good but I still don't have a full working knowledge of the industry and how each of the database elements relate to real-world elements. They've taken simple structures like a person's information and have split it up into 6 different tables yet have duplicated data between the tables. Also, by their own admission, there are tables and procedures that they're not even using anymore but they're still in the database!

Now, if this wasn't enough... they're using technology for multiple document applications and using it in a single document interface. Not only is this just plain stupid, it's also created more code and code requirements than is necessary. A multiple document interface application (MDI App) is for things like Microsoft Word or Outlook, something that has a standard document and the user is permitted to open more than one of those documents at a time, work on them simultaneously (switching back and forth, passing data back and forth) etc. They're using this technology for reservations, personal info, agency info, voucher info, etc. but they're denying the user the ability to open more than one of these documents at a time.

For searching data, there are no less than 10 forms to accomplish this. Why? Because you can't search for a data element without opening a new empty form for adding an element first. WHY?! It just doesn't make any sense to me how any user of this software could be happy with it other than to say, "Well... it's better than what we had!" From what I've seen, they're right... but that's no excuse for sloppy coding... sorry.

Anyway... so I was sitting there starting to design this new search form when it dawned on me that I could do away with the need for 6 entire forms, umpteen stored procedures and a few classes simply by combining all these into one search form. But then the repercussions of this idea are staggering too. It means full regression testing. It means that part of the application will be functional in a way that will make the users drool and they'll just want more. But editing this code to "do it the way they're used to" just seems like a step in the wrong direction for the application and for me personally. It's a quandary.

Wow... needed to vent there.

So anyway, I left work early to go see my lawyer. My will, living will and healthcare surrogate papers still had Rob in them and since we're no longer coupled, it was past time that he be removed from the benefits derived from my eventual death. The changes will be completed within a couple of days.

It's odd. The changes in my life recently have not felt good but not felt bad either. There's been nothing emotional about them at all. This is actually a good thing in my opinion. Riding too high on emotion is like eating a ton of sugar... you'll crash eventually. It doesn't mean I'm not happy. It just means that for matters that shouldn't be emotional, there's finally peace. This is a very good thing. I say it's odd simply because in my past, I would have had an emotional reaction to these events. Now.. they're just events. Things that *have* to be done in order to secure the uncertain future. With these out of the say, I can start to relax and enjoy my life some. :)

Today was also my Dad's 80th birthday. I called him and talked with him for a little while. He said he'd been having a good day, had gotten several calls from family and was working on his computer converting audio cassette tapes to CDs. He doesn't give up no matter what. I'm very much like him in that respect. I'm glad he has something to do that he wants to do and is able to do. At 80 years old, I hope I have that too.

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