Friday, July 22, 2005

38 hours... awake and sober. WTF?

Alrighty then... it's been 38 hours since I last had any appreciable amount of sleep so I have no clue what this post will be like... but it seems like the thing to do at the moment.

Things started going weird Tuesday when something in the database decided to replicate itself ohhhh.... a couple million times. This created a cavalcade of conundrums that cocked up everything. This has led to my issues of late... being awake... 38 hours... sober... with no end in sight. *sigh* But I'm with good company. My boss is hangin' with me with drinks and snacks to keep us going until everything is resolved. Happy happy. Or as happy as one can be.

Listening to the Future Sound of Breaks... waiting for a phone call from a guy who's planning to leave us about a database no-one cares about... except our clients. WTF? I'm losing it.

If all goes as planned (Insert "Tom Hanks from Money Pit" laugh here), we'll get this shit sorted and I'll still be able to go out to a party with good friends tomorrow night. If, however, Murphy pays us a visit... uhm... that dude needs to chill out.

Anyway... not much else to say. I'm beat... if I'm not at the party... please send someone for both Jason and I. We could use the break.

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