Thursday, July 14, 2005

4 weeks later...

Yah... I guess it's been a while since I posted in here, eh? Lots to tell, lots to tell. So where do I begin... hmmm. Well, the weekend after my last post was a party at Twink's. That was an absolute blast... oh yeah... :) Let's see... many movies, much music (kudos to dorrmat!), people getting eaten by a big blue thing resembling a sea anemone, glowstick flipping, a big blue weener, and the occasional "wtf?" all added up to a good time. :) No? You had to have been there.

The weekend after that? Tennessee! Hell yeah! I had never actually spent any time IN the mountains before. I had driven THROUGH them on the interstate... but I had never had the pleasure of really enjoying them. Twink and I went up to North Carolina for a couple of days and then Gatlinbug for a couple of days with her kids. Couldn't have asked for a better vacation. Good times with your best friend ... nothin' better... yeah the drive was somethin' fierce (especially the drive back) but it was far out-shadowed by the good times.

Hmmm... weekend after that... (a.k.a last weekend) ... well, back up a little to Thursday night. My neighbors came over and lounged around in our pool (with the solar panels working now for some odd reason) and Twink popped by. Rob and I were scheduled to go to Tampa that weekend but Dennis the Menace changed our minds. So instead... we decided to all get together at my place for a little... R&R. :) However, very little of the first R occurred until like... Sunday. ;) It's funny how a little get together can suddenly become a party. But... I didn't really hear anyone complaining. By the way... I highly recommend spongepainted walls. I'm so happy I did it now. :)

Move forward to Tuesday.... woke up with my left eye swollen shut. Hmm... doc??? Turns out to be another corneal ulcer. I had one of those before in the other eye. Luckily this one didn't do much damage either and it's being resolved as I type.

Eco is on his way to Seattle soon. In fact, in 27 hours, he'll be on a plane headed there (by way of Atlanta and Denver). I will miss him very much. He has his faults yes, we all do. But if it hadn't been for him, I wouldn't know the people I know today... would never have met Twink, and would never have realized that I was walking through life pretending to enjoy it and not really enjoying it. Thank you, Eco. God bless ya and I hope things work out better on the west coast than they did here.

This weekend we're headed off to Tampa for what we were supposed to do last weekend. Looks like Emily isn't going to bug us so we're cool. More fun stuff ahead of us too. Life continues rolling on and the future is brighter than ever now. So, until next time...

P.S. Fantastic Four.... Hell yeah! Reed Richards is the BOMB!

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