Saturday, March 18, 2006

A Bit Of The Blarney

I really can't believe I'm still awake at this point. I'm supposed to be driving to Tampa in three hours and I don't think I'm gonna make that time slot. But a lot happened tonight that I was unprepared for. A ... lot.

First, I had a slight medical issue I had to deal with... popped up in the middle of the day, yay me. So I had to come home and deal with that... then I finished up my day's work here from home and chatted with Laura a little. I really like her. She's totally a straight shooter in my book and has done much to earm my trust and respect. Her and Jim both are great people and I'm gratified to call them both friends.

So, after work, I'm cruising MySpace when I get this message and friend request from a guy I used to work with a little over a year ago. I started chatting with him and before I know it... he gives me his phone number and asks that I call. So I do, duh.

Anyway, we chatted for about 2 hours and ... well... I'm pretty sure I'm not misreading this... he had the hots for me then and still does now. He said he always wanted to get to know me better, was commenting on my pictures and said, "We should definitely see each other soon!"

Cloud 9? I don't know where that is. It was WAY behind me by that point. :D I stood up and caught myself doing a Drew Barrymore dance from 50 First Dates. Hell yeah! I actually got myself worked up to where I want to put more effort into myself again. It's an awesome feeling and I wouldn't trade it right now for anything in the world.

While I was on the phone with him, I found out my neighbors were coming back in town that night! So, I knew right away I wasn't getting any sleep any time soon. I just got back from being over there with them and three of their good friends. GOOD times, people.

Anyway... gonna try to get some sleep so I can get to Tampa at a sortof decent hour! TTYL.



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