Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Wow, I am SUCH a crackhead sometimes. I just re-read what I wrote and yeah... all that is exactly how I felt at the time... but now... it's different. I think maybe this was all just indicative of me dealing with re-integrating my old self... prior to transition, with the person I've become. I need to share who I was with the people I care about now... the people in my life. If they're important to me... I want them to know.

Right now, I'm watching Moulin Rouge (again) with my niece Erin and her friend Steph. Steph's pretty quiet. I wonder what's going on her head sometimes. Erin's been quiet too but not as much as Steph. Trying to get them to go out to Fusion with me tomorrow night and see a real party in progress. :) It'll be a good time if they go, I'm sure. :)

Today at work was... well, work. Blah. I hate work, I really do. Now they've got meetings scheduled for EVERY DAY. WTF is that about? It's ridiculous. I'm SOOOO ready to leave GCS I can't even begin to describe my utter disdain for it.

At any rate... I need to make dinner soon. I just wanted to make a note that I'm a crackhead... not that I didn't already know this, right? :-P

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