Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back In Denver

Well, today was my first day back at FHMS. I haven't even met my new employer, Unison Systems, yet. All I know is they misspelled my name on most of the forms. I wonder if I should leave it that way and then deny everything later. Hmmm. Anyway... Showed up today and they had a desk with no chair, no phone, no way to log in, no e-mail access, no RDP access, no tools to use (like Aqua Data Studio or VB or anything)... no access to sharepoint. Yeah... that's a lot of no's. Think they were prepared? Heh, whatever. I know what they want. They don't want my abilities, they want my knowledge and then it's adios muchachos. That's okay. $40/hour for every hour worked plus expenses and travel time paid too... why not?

Besides, my employer is Unison and hopefully I can impress them enough to get me something going in Orlando. That would be the bomb-diggity. I'm going to have a long heart-felt talk with my recruiter tomorrow and see where she stands... then we'll see. There were definitely some things I did not understand in the offer letter... stuff like no vacation days... no sick days... gotta find out what that means exactly. That may mean that I can take time off but I just don't get paid. That suits me fine, actually. It seems more equitable to be paid for work that is done... not for me to sit around and do nothing. But then, I have a weird way of looking at things I'm told.

Anyway... they tried to get me everything I needed... but apparently I don't get e-mail. That made me giggle. I figure it's because how direct and to-the-point my last e-mail to FHMS users was. I guess the truth hurt a little. Well, that's too bad. I won't live a life that has falseness to it anymore. I've conformed and I've looked the other way too many times. Done with that. They can just learn to deal with me or not.

Gonna try to get to the Snake Pit at least once or twice while I'm here. Hell, when I return I'm gonna be here for like... 3 weeks. I might be able to spin there if I ask nicely enough. Of course, that means bringing records next time... that could be interesting. Heh. We'll see. I miss my peeps already, though. I miss Twink and Josh, Steven, Kowboi and yes, you too Rob. I miss the cats. I feel isolated out here and I know the next trip is going to be even worse. When I prepare for that one, I'll have to make sure I bring everything I need for an extended stay.

I hope the boys take care of the house. I hope they also do what they said they were going to do. It's hard being away from home like this. I'm not so worried about this trip as I am the next one. That will be a rough one. At least I'll get a reprieve the weekend of June 16th. Not sure how I'm going to work that yet but I'll figure it out. It'd be nice to bring some people up here with me next time even for a short visit. That would be pretty cool. I don't know how I'll afford the car for the next trip, though. Gawd. What did I get myself into?

Blah.. enough of that. The one thing I do know is that this will hopefully enable me to continue to work as needed to get money in the door and pay the bills so that my coffers, the money I've saved, need not be used for that and can be used for the business. That's the plan anyway. Wish me luck. Well, I'm tired and going to bed. More later.

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