Thursday, May 25, 2006

Monthly Update ...


I keep forgetting about this place. I'd like to keep this place updated more often but I let my life keep me pretty busy, as usual. So, what's happened in the last month... a lot actually. But a lot can happen in that amount of time, now can't it? Let's see, the last time I wrote in here was April 11th. Okay, here goes.

Okay, since the breakup with Paul, I've pretty much said "screw it" to relationships. Most of the fuckers that come after my ass are interested in just that.. my ass... and nothing else. So whatever. That's not a relationship. That's just sex. Not that I have anything against sex... but at my age and with my experience... what's the point of doing that with someone I don't care about and who doesn't care about me? Doesn't mean I don't get lonely or horny.. shit... I'm still human... but I can deal with those feelings without going crazy.

I have two additional roommates now. Kowboi and Steven. They are good guys, young, unexperienced (even though they think they know it all), but good guys none-the-less. I've had the chance to really get to know them both and it's probably been the best experience in roommates ever, so far. They're helpful, thoughtful, respectful... it's a good thing.

We got the e-commerce engine going on the website for plurrecords. We've gotten shipments of records, mailers, stickers... getting ourselves all set up. No business yet, but that just takes time, patience and promoting ourselves... letting the world know we're here and able to serve them. That's my next project: establishing relationships with people that can help us get our name out there while we help them in some way. We're also planning a big promotional event too, too get pepole to realize that we're here. So... as you can imagine, life has been pretty busy.

I threw a party for Heather and Laura's birthday. That was fun. It was nothing huge... they aren't very big these days, but that's not what's important. The big party is coming up... that's at a venue that can handle it. It will take some major work to pull it off, but it can be done and I think I have the right people around me to help me make it happen.

My life is starting to make sense to me again. This is a very good thing. I've been very confused about myself and my life for a long time and that confusion is finally clearing up. I've been looking for my motivation, my raison d'etre and I believe I finally found it in plurrecords. I've not been this focused, this determined, this clear-headed in a long time. I could sit here and wish I had done this a long time ago... but that's pointless and wastes precious time. So, why bother?

I left GCS. I left them with a nice little letter too that described exactly how I felt about their practices. Since then I've been going full-force on plurrecords (as well as finally taking some time for myself). It's been a good thing. Not accepting any bullshit anymore and making sure that people live up to my expectations or they don't need to be in my life. Not trying to be mean there... just being honest with myself and what makes me happy.

Went to Hell City, a tattoo festival in Ohio, with Josh and Liz. That was great. I got to meet the guy who did Josh's horns and found out he also does elf ears. That's something I plan on doing when I get the opportunity, you can count on that. I think they look cool and I can hide them when I want or show them off and adorn them when I want. Also got a tattoo of the company logo on my shoulder... Liz did too. She's just as committed to this as I am, even with all her other committments to her family. I am very thankful and grateful for having such good friends in my life. They've been very patient and understanding and I can't thank them enough for it. My thanks to them will come soon, though... and it will be big... that I promise.

Rob and I are starting to get better, I think. When we don't try to dissect "what went wrong" and simply move forward with our lives, we get along better. This is a good thing. I hope this trend continues because the stress isn't good for anyone, that's for sure. It drives people away, in fact.

Well, there's more to talk about, but a lot of it has already been said or doesn't need to be said here. I'm gonna try (ha!) to keep this more updated. We'll see, right?


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