Saturday, May 27, 2006


So the weekend is here. Whoop! Placed another order from DBI last two nights ago and I'm working on a new order from Watts today. We're also getting some Kaleidescope records in too from another source. Life is good. The adwords account is done, all the promotional stuff for orbital grooves has been sent off, the contract is done to send to Yellow Brick Management, made a few more contacts... the groove pool is gettin' bigger. :) Life is pretty alright.

Last night I spent the night with Kowboi diggin' into old music we listened to growing up. It was fun to share that with him as his musical tastes are as wide and varied as mine. It reminded me of several nights doing the same thing with Twink. I miss just hangin' out with her, listening to music and shooting the shit. These days it seems like there's always some plan or agenda we're dealin' with. Business stuff, usually. We all need a party to go to ... or we need to go out to the beach and just chill. Somethin!

I've figured out more about this keyboard. I had to get a new sustain pedal for it since the one I had didn't work with it. Hopin' to get back to writing music again soon, too. But with work in Denver coming up and stealing an entire month from me... it's gonna be difficult.

Today, my plan is to get the Watts order completed, work on some tracks and then tonight I'm going to see Scooby and KK. I miss them too. Haven't seen them in a hot minute and I'm looking forward to it. It will be good to see Logan too... I imagine he's quite the character now at 9 months.

Well, that's all for now. More later.

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