Sunday, June 18, 2006

Headed back to Denver

If it seems like the only time I have to update this anymore is when I'm in Devner... you're right. Life in Orlando is BUSY! Between PLUR Records, finding a new place to live, preparing to sell the current house and little things that FHMS has for me to do... I've been pretty damned busy. Hopefully, once I'm in the new house things will settle down. Of course, I'm not sure how much I can think that either because there's gonna be a lot of changes made to the house, etc. Lots o' stuff to do to it.

Right now, I'm at the airport stealing some of their wireless bandwidth to write this while I wait for the plane to be ready to board. So, I figured I'd catch up on a few things.

Let's see... the short list:
  1. Josh and Twink don't have a place to live after July. So we all talked about it and decided to get a house together. The equity in my home would more than covert the DP for a new house.
  2. We found a house, inspected it... found 27000 mold spores per cubic meter and said, "uhm, no" It was a discouraging day.
  3. Found another house yesterday which we both like and we think it's do-able. It means a lot of hard work prepping my house to sell and getting the new house cleaned up and fixed up. But I can't stand by and watch my friends (and their children) lose their home without doing something.
  4. I've somehow managed to get sick... I left the house with a 100 degree fever... dunno what that will mean for the next few days but it should be interesting.
  5. Got some new old-school records in for the site. They're absolutely awesome and will probably sell very well (if we can get people to recognize that we exist).
  6. Twink and Josh got married. That was an interesting day. The "ceremony" and the gathering was wonderful... that evening something a little effed up happened between David and I... which put me in a bad place... but I'm better now. I might write about here, I dunno. We'll see.
  7. Got financing going for the new house we're trying to buy. Somehow, I'm going to have to manage all that from Denver. That should prove interesting too.
In short... it's never a dull day with Jenna. Nope. Always something to be done. But, like I've said before, it keeps me out of trouble, I guess. :)

Well, I see someone at the desk now and I need to get a seat assignment... so I'm gonna close this for now. More later.

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