Monday, June 26, 2006


So why is the word "deter" in the word "determined?" Doesn't make much sense to me. Anyway... Yes... I am determined. I've spent the past couple of hours digging through advertising possibilities for PLUR Records. has a way to advertise on their site which is much cheaper than advertising in their magazine. DJ Times.... heh... well, let's just say I'd rather spend the money on a new car. I'd REALLY like to go to the DJ Expo this year and advertise there... but their rates are a little more expensive than we're ready for now... BUT...

(this is where the subject of the entry comes in)

I am DETERMINED to have a booth for PR at WMC next year in the exhibition hall. Hell, if possible, we might even sponsor a party (or help sponsor one). Maybe a joint effort between us and OGR could really move us forward. I wanna hit this one hard... or at least as hard as we can and not stop until we see the bright lights of Miami. So... that means I have less than 9 months to prepare, save, get people on board, get all the materials, etc. before the big trip. There are so many possibilities here and I know we can make it happen if we try. So be forewarned... WMC next year is a big PLURRY event, dammit. :)

I'm sure it will be expensive. I'm expecting to spend at least 10 grand on this event, but the exposure something like this could give us is beyond measure. We'll do some smaller events locally first as rehearsals. :) Now I'm even more determined to get the rest of life's personal stuff resolved as quickly as possible so we can move forward with this. I may not know what I'm doing yet... I may not know what I'm getting myself into yet... but I've never been afraid to dive in and try to swim. So watch out, world... PLUR Records is coming.

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