Monday, August 21, 2006

Put the Needle on the Record

You know that movie, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back?" Yeah... well, I think in my case it's more of a situation where the vinyl was in disrepair, the needle was broken (* wink *), the table mat was ripped up, the tone arm out of balance, etc. etc... but I have news....

The vinyl's been mostly cleaned up and restored, got a brand new needle, and the table's in working order again. Sure, sometimes it skips a little but I'm getting those grooves back one at a time, biotch. :)

I had a horrible morning after I left the house... dealing with Orlando, I-Drive, Monday Morning traffic... twice... dealing with the Bank of Satan (America) and other BS too. But then, by the time I got on the road and started listening to the set I spun last night... I was feeling better. And then, as I was listening I began to put together some of the pieces of what I'm missing in order to find that golden goose called happiness. :) Yeah... go figure this... a DJ saved my life ... and that DJ was me. Weird, eh? I think subconsciously I've been trying to tell myself a message and I've not been listening... but this time I was a captive audience. I know this sounds sorta crazy but I swear it's the truth. I caught myself grinning like an idiot the entire trip to Port St. Lucie today, singing at the top of my lungs, dancing in my seat, bouncing around, screaming "Yeah!" or "Hell yeah!" along the way at the appropriate moments and finally gettin' what my subconscious is telling me.... in other words... I'm pickin' up what I'M laying down for once. Yeah, it's a little weird... but so am I... deal with it or stop reading. :-P

Anyway... that's all i have to say at the moment... I'm off to find alcohol right now. :)


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