Monday, August 21, 2006

So the Story Goes

Yeah, the continuing story unfolds. It's not unlike any other boy meets girl story other than it's more like... boy becomes girl, meets wrong boy, dumps boy, meets right girl at wrong time, becomes indifferent about gender, meets other girl becoming boy also at wrong time.

Okay, so it's not like the typical boy meets girl story at all... I lied.


The details of that snaggle will remain within the confines of my unequivocably (thank you Heather) befuddled mind until such a time as life warrants the story to be told... which will probably be just before the last trump (thanks Douglas).

I started a new job last week. It's been interesting... getting back on the horse of life again. Twink often has told me about the time she went off the radar for a time due to personal relationship bullshit and strife... I think I got her time beat by a month but that's not important (so why did I mention it... I know... because I like to see myself type, apparently... it's my blog, let me do my thing).

Working for a new company, living in a new place, re-learning the relationship ropes in a different way ... it's all very oddly freeing and at the same time aggravating (it's disgusting but I friggin' love it). I should be asleep right now but I can't sleep thanks to a great conversation that lasted my entire cell battery plus some... it gave it's life for the event.

I'm getting to know myself again... which is weird since I think I left myself behind about... oh... 12 to 14 years ago. That's a lot of catch up to do to get my groove back... but I'm a quick learner usually so I have faith in my ability to overcome myself (thankfully, I know all my weaknesses and know all my own buttons so I don't stand a chance against myself... HA!)

Once I've unlocked all the doors and regained control of this "out of left field" (thanks Daniel) consciousness of mine, I believe my time will come to shine, prosper, flourish like I've never seen before... I believe I've only lightly tapped the full-extent of my possibility so... be prepared for the grand awakening... Insanity awaits with abated breath.

So yeah... now that I've spent a few paragraphs saying everything and nothing simultaneously... I'm going to bed.


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