Monday, March 12, 2007

Sad News

I just read the CNN news page here at work... Richard Jeni apparently shot himself this weekend. It's always sad to hear about someone taking their own life. I saw Richard perform live on a cruise ship once. His work, in my opinion, could have been a lot more interesting had he explored more about life and how we, as humans, interact on more than just a social level. But regardless of how I felt about that, it saddened me to hear that he cut his own life short.

I also read that Brad Delp, lead singer for Boston, died in his home on Friday. No sign of foul play... he was apparently just "done." I'm forever grateful for the music he and the other members of Boston shared with the world. I'm sure his soul is where all of our souls long to go in the end. Enjoy the rest, Brad. :) You will be missed but fondly remembered always.


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