Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Follow-Up to the Lawsuit

Back in October, I posted a blog about a police officer that was suing a family for injuries she sustained while on call at their house. (Click here for the original blog entry). Well, there's a follow-up to that story here:

Police officer fired after suing family of near drowning victim

Yes, even though she dropped the lawsuit, they fired her for bringing "public ridicule" to the agency and "damaging it's reputation."

*snort* .. **ahem** .... smirk... giggle....


Sorry, I just have to laugh because I'm tired of crying. They make it sound as if the agency had this spotless, pristine record with the public and that she single-handedly caused the fall of the agency's public image. Uhm... sorry but, in my eyes, any organized group of people that makes an attempt to control a mass collection of life forms is going to look a little foolish from time to time (more often than not, really). I'm sure they were well on their way to a place of ridicule well before she made a
personal choice to make the lawsuit.

It was a
personal choice after all, as they stated before. The agency didn't sue the family... SHE did. Yeah, I'm taking her side on this one. I'm not saying what she did was right... but she did retract the suit, attempted to make peace and now her family is in dire straits for it. Karma? Or perhaps the old adage that "no good deed ever goes unpunished" applies here. I dunno. I just find it extremely frustrating that throughout all of this, they still didn't figure out how to be good to one another. Typical.

I swear... I think the Florida sun bakes people's brains... either that or they've got some good drugs and aren't sharing. Typical again.


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