Thursday, October 11, 2007


Alright then. Here's something for you to chew on:

Officer Suing Family Placed On Leave

So, the jist is this. Toddler falls into pool. Family present at the time doesn't react to the situation other than to call 911. Officer arrives and gets toddler out of pool. Officer slips and fractures her knee at family's house. Toddler now brain-damaged, requires round-the-clock care. Officer sues family for negligence.

The family is begging the officer to withdraw the lawsuit saying they have enough to deal with. The officer is saying that had they taken the proper precautions, she would never had to have been there in the first place to fracture her knee.

These are the facts. They are undisputed. But who should be awarded preferential treatment for these actions? It's a philosophical debate at best. The officer has a point that had the family taken precautions (or had acted like family and kept the child from falling in or had fished him out themselves) she wouldn't have been there. The family's plight is sad considering the child's condition and now the lawsuit. They have enough to deal with without the lawsuit. The concept of "protect and serve" comes to mind regarding officers. But it's a job. It's work. It's something they get PAID for.

In truth, I would think a better idea would be that all those involved in the saving of a life should come together out of love for life and say, "Let's work together to heal both our wounds out of general human love and respect." Yeah... pipe-dream that is... but it would be so much better in my opinion. But then, it's not a war and peace isn't very interesting is it?

Do you take a side? Or do you wanna slap them both?


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