Thursday, July 3, 2008


So tomorrow is July 4th, 2008 ... and it is the day patriotic Americans celebrate in remembrance of those who fought for the independence of the British colonies.

It has been flowered up to symbolize true freedom from tyranny and terrorism, etc. etc. even though the people of this nation wouldn't know what true independence was if it rose up and bit them on the ass with poisonous fangs that killed them instantly.

If I sound bitter, I don't mean to. I'm simply pointing out that we Americans are not truly free. We're closer than a lot of other countries, true... but we're not free. "Freedom has a price." This always seemed like a contradiction in terms to me. To me, it's similar to saying "Same Difference." It's that little phrase used to justify one's position without the repercussions of rebuttal.


Freedom does NOT have a price. Security has a price. Those who say that freedom has a price might as well be saying that if we don't pay the price, we get slavery. Oddly enough tho, the rising costs of "freedom" has made us slaves to money and unfulfilling careers and jobs. So, slavery wasn't really abolished... we just leveled the playing field a little more.

Examples: We do not have the freedom to get high responsibly. We do not have the freedom to die by our own free will. We do not have the freedom to "opt-out" of government rule. We do not have the freedom to barter using sexual favors.

If I were truly free... I could sleep where I want, with whoever I want, whenever I want, hunt and gather from anywhere I choose, etc. etc. Actually... I could do this now it just would not be sanctioned by the government ... and, in fact, it would probably piss them off to the point that they would send their hit men after me. Yes... the government is really nothing more than a VERY large , well funded criminal organization like the mob.

I hear the people of this land cry out about the injustices being carried out by this mob and yet no-one really does anything about it on a continental scale. There are too many people trying to work within the system to fix it... like a virus or something. Maybe if we infiltrate the enemy and learn it's ways we can change it!

The problem is that the government's immune system is impeccable. When something attacks it, it can create the anti-bodies needed by just writing legislation against it. Voila!

No... I won't be celebrating independence since I don't have it yet. Some day. Some day.


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