Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lost and Found

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a fan of logic. The purest aspects of it dwindling down to two simple constructs... 1 and 0. On and Off. Good and Bad. Start and End.

But I'm also an intense fan of the understanding of how these things are related to each other and that they are in fact, the same thing as each other. Matter and Anti-Matter... both similar particles with the exception of the "spin" put on them.

They are all nothing more than constructs we observed and named. Where did they come from? Where are they going? These are physical questions. These are attempts at understanding the nature of life through flawed perceptions. Nothing exists until we observe it. It simply can not. Why is this true? Because without observation, there is no way to describe it. Without a description, there is no way to prove it's existence. Without proof, existence (in the classical definition) is impossible.

Yet we know things exist. Knowledge is dangerously comfortable. Knowledge is a profound high. It provides comfort at a level that just barely registers on a higher, more spiritual level. It's so surreptitious that we don't even realize how high we are, most of the time. But we are. We must be amazingly comfortable in this life to continue living it as we do.

The great part about all of this, in fact, is that as you are reading this, I am creating knowledge about knowledge. You may, or may not, be accepting of this. You may look at this and begin to wonder about the complexities or you may be there nodding your head in complete understanding of what I am saying.

Life is a series of moments. We go from one to the next, sometimes in search of something to get us to that next level. Sometimes we simply choose to go with the flow and see where it takes us, knowing that nothing really matters anyway. Either way, it is all as we observe (and therefore choose) it to be.

Now, I started this out talking about logic and how it all breaks down to 1s and 0s. But what I did not discuss was the nature of these 1s and 0s. Are they immutable? Can a 1 ever be a 0 or vise versa?

Well that, of course, all depends upon your definitions. But in the broader sense of things, I prefer to look at them as merely adjectives describing the state of things. A bit has the ability to be a 1 or a 0. A light can be on or off. These are the only choices available. In truth, they are the only choices available, period.

"Well, what about colors? " you might ask. All colors have been been, logically, broken down into sets of bits that when combined can produce a broader description. The more bits we add, the more variations of colors we are allowed to describe.

Given that this is the case. I offer the following ray of hope to all those who feel like life, or things in their lives, have got them down. The only option for change is always there. Once a light is on, it can be turned off and vice versa. What was lost, has no other option but to be found. What was bad, can only become good.

It is a binary universe by my reckoning. Flip the bits in the ways that work best for you. Only you know which way that is.


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