Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All Good Things?

Ever heard the expression "All Good Things Must Come To An End"?

Yeah... ever really thought about that? Wouldn't that logically indicate that all bad things keep going? Hmm... The interesting thing is that there are always new good things starting. Somebody starts something new and thinks it's a good thing and then other people think it's a good thing and before you know it... it IS a good thing. But it's doomed before it ever got started because it's a good thing!


This poses an interesting situation. If God is Good... and All Good Things Must Come To An End... then eventually, God must come to an end. Then again, given that we're throwing definitions and logic and such around in such a haphazard manner here, exactly what is "an end?"

Maybe that's a good thing after all. Or perhaps, good things must become bad things in order to endure? I don't know. The logic of all these sayings and how they contradict each other in logic is beyond me. It seems that they're all just things we use to help us sleep at night. Some people even use that phrase to help them sleep at night. You know... you've pissed someone off either through your actions or your words and they say to you, "Well, I hope that helps you sleep at night."

They've just relieved their own conscience by stating their position and therefore can now sleep at night. I'd really REALLY like to meet someone who literally can't sleep at night... or whatever part of the day their night might be. It's all relative, I suppose.

Anyway, I guess if all good things must come to an end we should enjoy them for what they are while we have them and not mourn their passing but rather extol what we had when we had it, with the knowledge that new good things are ahead.

The only other option is to wallow in the fact that the good times are gone and not bother getting involved in any new good times since we already know they must come to an end, right?

Yeah... up and down, up and down. It is as it is. Shut up and tell me something I don't know, right? Well, most of it's been said and done now... so what's left? I guess I need grandchildren or something.


UPDATE: Actually, after re-reading this post, I realized that there was a flaw in my logic. Just because all good things must come to an end does not necessarily follow that all bad things don't. I can't assume that BadThing.End method doesn't exist. Perhaps GoodThing and BadThing are both instances of the Thing class and perhaps the Thing class has an End method with the "Must Inherit" modifier. This would make sense since I have definitely seen some bad things come to an end too.

This is a perfect example of Platonic Object Oriented Philosophy .... also known as POOP.

So it's not quite as bleak as I put it out there to be. My apologies!!

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