Friday, September 26, 2008

Weekend Preparations

Well, the day to commerate another year on this planet is almost here. Yes, tomorrow is the day celebrating my entrance to this world. So I'm beginning to think about what to do. Alcohol will most certainly be involved.

I think the plan is just to relax and enjoy... maybe go to the beach... probably get dolled up and go out to Rebar in the evening... see if I can get a few free drinks. ;)

Sunday I'm going to check out the MCC church here on the Treasure Coast. It's in Palm Beach Gardens, which takes about an hour to get to. Services aren't until 11 a.m. (thankfully) so I don't have to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to get there on time. What am I hoping to find there? The Spirit.

Something I miss terribly in my life is fellowship with others in The Spirit of God. I have met many people that are troubled and lost and desperately need The Spirit in their lives. My trip home to Indiana was an eye-opener... reminding me what it's like to commune with those who are also Spirit-filled. I'm hoping that this church will have the vibrations of Love in it. My own strength and understanding of it is great, however I know now that it's not enough and I need to get refueled every now and then.

Other than that... whatever we do will be on the cheap! Finances are tight right now, thanks to the unexpected trip to Indiana. But it don't take a whole lot of money to have a good time. :) Just need to be in one accord... (if you can all squeeze in one... they're kinda small).


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