Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I'm freakin' tired today. I think it's mainly from dreaming a LOT last night. I know that perception of "real" time is subjective at that point, but I can tell you I was really active in my dreams last night. I had two that I can recall.

In one, I was in college and the electricity went out while I was trying to wash clothes to be ready for school. By the time the electricity came on, it was too late to get the laundry done and get to class on time. So I went in a towel (and pantyhose for some weird reason).

As you can imagine, it turned into a naked-at-school dream. There were two aspects of this dream that were
interesting to me. First, I was female in the dream. I used to have dreams as a boy being turned into a girl. Then I was having dreams as a girl (this was all pre-transition). After my surgery I started having male dreams again. Now, recently, I'm having dreams as a female again. I think this represents a shift in my thinking (finally!).

Second, I was VERY comfortable with myself being naked in the dream. This was new. Here's what the dream dictionary had to say about that:

"For a small percentage of you, dreaming that you are proud of your nakedness and show no embarrassment or shame, then it symbolizes your unrestricted freedom. You have nothing to hide and are proud of who you are. The dream is about a new sense of honesty, openness, and a carefree nature."

The fact that it was in college:

"To dream that you are in college, indicates that you are going through some social or cultural changes. You may be wanting to expand your knowledge and awareness. It also suggest that now is a good time for you to experiment and try new things."

In my other dream, I was investigating a company that owned a huge skyscraper next to a dilapidated old mansion. They were trying to buy the land to destroy the old landmark. My co-worker, Jose, was in the dream too and was investigating the situation as well. Here are a few things the dream dictionary said about this imagery:


"To see your coworkers in your dream, highlights aspects of your waking relationship with them, including difficulties/support. It signifies your ambition, struggles and competitive nature."


"To see a mansion in your dream, symbolizes your greatest potential and growth. You may feel that your current situation or relationship is in a rut."


"To see a skyscraper in your dream, represents your high ideals, creativity and imagination. You always aim high at whatever you do. It also suggests that you have great foresight."


"To dream that you are a detective, indicates that you are searching for your hidden abilities and talents. It also signifies that you are trying to solve a problem and seek the truth about an issue that is worrying you."
I find all these images to be very encouraging based on recent events in my life. With time, effort, determination and God's direction, I can change the course of my life to something much better for myself and others.


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