Saturday, September 23, 2006

Things are Bad, Life is Good

Yesterday was ... interesting. It had it's surprising moments, it's fun moments, it's heartwrenching moments, it's heroic moments. It was a series of moments as every day is. After work, Jose and I went out and got a couple of drinks at Applebee's. He was wound pretty tight from work and I figured he could use a friend to chill and get smashed with. :) That's always a good thing to have... a wing-man as he puts it. I really like Jose and Nyssa. They're so real and they're children are beautiful, smiling, happy bundles of energy. It was so fun to watch them get all excited over making candy bracelets. It made me ponder why we ever grow up. Growing old is inevitable... growing up is something that's sorta forced on us... to be responsible and be providers and caretakers of the next generation of hopefully responsible adults that will do the same thing and keep this crazy thing called life going. It seems like an exercise in futility when I put it that way... but maybe there's more to it than that and I just haven't put my finger on it yet.

Anyway, I digress. After our sojourn to Applebee's, I took him to get food for his family and took him home safe and sound. Nisa seemed a "smidge" updset and rightly so since he didn't call her when he said he would. I suggested he call but he said everything was fine so who was I to argue with what he seemed to know was alright and what wasn't? After dropping him off, I headed for home.

I got home to Orlando at about 10:30. Liz had done simply amazing things with the landscaping. I can never seem to adequately express the beauty I see and feel when I look and realize all that she does for the family. It is staggering and I become a total "Dee-Dee-Dee" in comparisson. It makes what I do feel inadequate until I'm reminded that what I do empowers her to do what she does and vice versa ... and then it's all good.

We put Taylor to bed and went to Bob's to prepare for a "relaxing evening." It was a good time. :) We sat and scoured the internet and played computer games and music and just ... whatever we wanted to do. I shared some of my recent entries in my journal with her and we talked about life and love and all that stuff. *sigh* ... Makes me wanna start the week all over again just to get back to that moment. :)

The morning was interrupted when Taylor came screaming out with a bug IN her eye. We've managed to capture it and have isolated it. We're gonna try to find out what it was because it was biting the shit out of her and it scared her pretty bad. Shortly after that, Taylor discovered that one of the birds that Liz rescued from the slacker on the gulf coast had died. It's feet were wrapped up in what looked like Liz's hair and Liz felt that it was her negligence that caused the bird's death. We don't know 100% what caused the poor thing to pass... and I did my best to assure her of that. The bird was, afterall, malnourished by the original owner, wounded and not in the best of health. Liz had taken the bird in to care for it and give it a better life. She felt like her actions or inaction had brought it to an untimely death. In the end, there are no words that can comfort someone when faced with death. We had a funeral and buried "Angel" in the yard. Taylor wrote a tombstone on a piece of pool tile that said, "Here Lies 'Angel' She was a friend to me." Perfect. Would that I could have such a testatment to my life by such a pure heart, I would truly be able to rest in peace.

After that, Taylor and I played in the pool for a while. I surprised her by jumping in the pool fully clothed. :) It was fun and we had a good time. I need to go to the other house today and finish what I started. It's not something I'm looking forward to but it's something I have to do. There are many other things that need to be done today too... but somehow I think today is not going to pan out the way it was planned. It never does though... but in the end it pans out the way it's supposed to.

So... with that, I'm off to continue this day and see where it takes me.

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