Thursday, August 2, 2007

Our Hero

So, I've been following this internet radio equality thing for a while now and google sends me alerts when it finds something that has anything to do with it. It sent me to this page today:

The Decider Weighs in on Royalty Rates

What really got me was this:
"With royalty rates a hot-button issue working its way into Congress (via H.R. 2060, the Internet Radio Equality Act), it was only a matter of time before someone sought President Bush’s opinion on the matter. When asked at a press junket at the Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville whether his administration would consider changing the royalty laws for performing artists for radio and television airplay, the President responded thusly (taken from an official White House transcript): “Help. (Laughter.) Maybe you’ve never had a President say this — I have, like, no earthly idea what you’re talking about. (Laughter and applause.) Sounds like we’re keeping interesting company, you know? (Laughter.) Look, I’ll give you the old classic: Contact my office, will you? (Laughter.) I really don’t — I’m totally out of my lane. I like listening to country music, if that helps. (Laughter.)” In his defense, we’re sure the President has a lot on his mind — like the Iraq War, gay marriage or finishing My Pet Goat."
Someone just had to ask him what he thought. Sometimes I think the entire reason we put people in the president's seat is so we can make fun of them. We certainly have to have something to amuse ourselves with, eh? I'm sure someone out there will be upset over what Bush had to say about this. But it comes as no surprise to me. It's just not on his radar. What is on his radar? Only he knows for sure. I did get a good giggle at the "My Pet Goat" line, tho. :)


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