Sunday, April 17, 2005

Back home...

Well, we're back home again and from all appearances the cats (we have 3) did not throw any outlandish parties while we were gone. Which is a good thing because I'd be really pissed if they didn and didn't invite us.

I found a candy bracelet/watch combo that I just had to have. The watch is detachable so I can attach it to any bracelet I choose to make. Handy! I also bought a set of earrings and we looked at wedding rings. The place we went has jewelry that is hand-made by a master goldsmith named Joan Michlin. Although we're still shopping around, if we do go with her stuff, this is the ring I'm most interested in:

It's actually meant to be an engagement ring AND a wedding band together. You buy the ring with the stones first for engagment and then the band later for the wedding. I'll probably change the band to be white gold since Rob wants a ring that is white gold and yellow gold like this:

But like I said, we're still looking around. It would just be really neat to have rings that are not only symbols of our marriage, etc... but also unique, hand-made works of art.

At any rate, we're in no rush. There's plenty of time for all that. We still have other places to look and something else may strike our collective fancies more later. Work again tomorrow, blah... but also "24" tomorrow night... woohoo! 7 more episodes to go!

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