Friday, April 8, 2005

Too early

Yes, it is too early for D'n'B.... but that's okay... it's better than Happy Hardcore in the morning. Anyway, so far today has been uneventful other than the aural assault next to me and the strange IM from my sweetie tempting me to stare at The Hypnotic Cat. Ebaum's world failed to entertain me today, but something awful had a decent Photoshop Phriday dealing with Virgin Atlantic advertisements. I chuckled once or twice.

The rest of the day will more than likely be a continuation of this cacophony of chaotic circumstances which all add up to be one more wasted day. But at least I'm not Jerry Seinfeld... god, that would be awful.

Oh yah, some friends are trying to entice me to see Sahara tonite which, other than the appearance of Matthew McConaughey, I have no interest in seeing. So I'll probably sit at home tonight waiting for Rob to come home and say, "You were right, it sucked." More later.

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