Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Waiting to Inhale... *evil grin*

Nothing much to post today, to be honest. Just a few things running through my head. Kung Fu Hustle comes out this weekend. I really want to see that. It looks great... I hope I'm not disappointed. One of my absolute best friends (clearly an illegally adopted sister) is going out of town this weekend so I'm sad for me but happy for her... then again, it depends on whether or not she has more fun than I this weekend... which I calculate the odds at being pretty "high" in favor of that reality.

"24" kicked some major booty last Monday. Jack's closing line was again another triumph: [Spoken to a perp with 3 or 4 broken fingers, handcuffed to a car's "oh shit" handle] "Here, this will help with the pain." --*~BAM!!~*-- [Knuckle sandwich.. nice!]. *sigh*... Keifer... oh Keifer.

Uhm what? Sorry, was miles away for a moment there.

Anyway, far too much to do tonight. The weekend approaches steadily and I must make sure I'm fully prepared for it... or it will be gone before I have the chance to enjoy it! I'm debating the idea of going to "The Underground" in Tampa on Friday night. I believe The Crystal Method are supposed to be there... but it might be Saturday night... ehh... I'll work that out later.

I've been toying with some new ideas for remixes... some of them are yielding interesting results while others are... well, they're riding the short bus to the recycle bin. Some bands I'm distorting at the moment are AWB, America and The Pointer Sisters. I'm also toying with the theme from the third season of Farscape. That one is coming together... but it is defying all genres of electronica that I'm familliar with. But oh well, it's fun regardless. :)

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