Tuesday, April 26, 2005

There Is No Subject

Note: I tried to post this earlier today (about 10 in the morning) but I kept getting errors. (Myspace again... blah)

Feeling much better today. I've had time to think about events and people in my life, what they all mean to me and how to interact with all of it. The answer was, of course, the same answer I've always come up with. "To thine own self be true." Everything else will fall into place after that and be much easier to deal with. No more second guessing, no more trying to shield or be shielded... whatever. If I can not be true to myself and my feelings, then I'm worth absolutely nothing to anyone else.

"24" was absolutely kick-ass last night... although I kept getting interrupted. 7 people at the house, 1 on the computer making music, 1 on another computer playing games, 2 in the loft watching 24, 1 getting his hair colored while the other was coloring it... and me trying to organize dinner, making sure everyone had what they needed and still watch the show. But I only missed like 10 minutes of it in total... and I got to see the kick-ass ending with Chloe becoming "Rambette." That was as good as, if not better than, having a sharp-witted trademark Jack Bauer line at the end of the show!

I tried "Kronik Energy" drink today... a suggestion from Twink. It's too bitter for me, tho... and I'm trying the one WITH sugar. Back to BooKoo and it's 4 buhjillyun grams of sugar. Other than that, nothing much to report... oh... my friend Chris showed up last night and balanced my studio. MUCH HAPPINESS!! I still need another set of quarter-inch cables tho... he chided me for not having spare cables as "every good sound technician always has sets and sets of spare cables." So I'll go to Sam Ash sometime today and get another pair (or 2 so I can have a spare set). Anyway... it's almost like a brand new system compared to how it sounded before. It's a good thing I don't have bigger speakers than the JBL monitors I have... otherwise my house would be crumbling from the "aural assault" last night. :)

Anyway.... more later as work beckons me right now.

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