Thursday, April 14, 2005

Uhm... what?!

Okay, I've noticed something that kinda disturbs me, strike that... it really disturbs me. I've been getting messages on myspace from guys asking if I'm into being friends with benefits or am into "getting with" married guys, and that I'm a MILF, etc.

First of all... I'm not a MILF. Although I appreciate the sentiment... I'm not a mom, I more than likely will never be a mom. So, calling me a "Mom I'd Like to Frell" kinda creeps me out in that respect.

Secondly, I'm very VERY happily engaged to be married. I've met the one man that I want to be with for the rest of our natural lives. That's hard to do and you don't just give up on it for a quickie.

So why am I even on myspace, ravematch, etc? To meet people who like to party, who feel the music in their souls NATURALLY, who are good fun-loving people who don't hate or judge, etc. It's about community, it's about all the good things of life.

Some may say that the sex IS one of the good things in life... well sure it is... but for me, it's something shared with one and only one. Everything else is openly shared with everyone. :)

So, just chill out and have a good time. Keep your pants on and dance with me! Or give me a light show. Sheese... do something would ya? ;)

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