Thursday, May 24, 2007


Heh... I was going to write about this yesterday (since that's when it happened) and totally forgot. So, here it is.

Our pool is ... well... unhealthy isn't strong enough a word, to be honest. Twink has been trying her damnedest to get it back to where it's supposed to be and she got fed up with it. Can't say I blame her... it's not been a happy thing at all. So, I've taken up the gauntlet to clear out the algae and turn it from green back to blue.

This past weekend, I went to Pinch-A-Penny and they gave me the scoop on what to do. I bought the chemicals and started the process. Yesterday it was looking "a little better" in that I could at least see the bottom of the shallow side. So I went to Pinch-A-Penny again with a new sample and two empty chlorine jugs of.

Here's the story:

I get off work at 5:30. I get home by 6:00. I cleaned the filter and got done by 6:30. Pinch-A-Penny closes at 7:00. Plenty of time. I get to the parking lot at 6:50. Not a parking space in sight. There were a couple that got picked up quickly by others before I got the chance. I drove quite a ways and still couldn't find anything. It's now 6:55 and I say to myself "Screw it! I'm parking in a handicapped space!!"

So I did that and run in to the store. While I'm there, I end up chatting politely with one of the women that stole one of the spaces I could've had (that whore). Suddenly there's a rush of people in there and we're all talking about pools and parking space. One guy admitted that he also had to park in a handicapped space. We jokingly agreed to each other that we'd vouch for each other if there was a problem.

So the pool water gets tested... need more acid, algecide and chlorine. There aren't any more phosphates. Good thing. :) So I get my shit and leave and as I'm leaving... this young, good-looking man in a blazer asks if I'm leaving. He's clearly not handicapped either. In the spirit of fun I yelled back to him, "Yeah... I am... you want to be handicapped too?"

Uh huh....

I pull out and as I'm pulling out I notice that coming out of the blazer is probably this guy's father... who happens to have a proesthetic leg. WHOOPS! That's when I notice the handicapped notice hanging from his rear-view window. Oy! *smacks head*. I couldn't help but laugh about it all the way home.

What's the lesson to be learned from this?

Obviously... don't buy a house with a pool. ;)


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