Friday, September 21, 2007

Art, Food, Fun and Dumbass

So, last night I went to this art exhibit downtown at the Cityarts Factory on Orange. It was really neat... I felt very underdressed tho.... lol. There were several exhibits there in addition to the one I went to see. I went with Brian. He really needed to get out for a while. After the exhibit, we went to eat at the Pita Pit and then Eye Spy downtown. It was fun! Had a great time and ended up walking back to the car in the rain... I like rain tho.

I picked Brian up at Boardwalk Bowl where Sadao works. The two of them are roommates. After our fun downtown, I took him back there to pick up his car and met Sadao just as he was getting off work. Sadao was manic, stressed out and uptight. I told him to come over and sit with us. He sat on my lap and I started giving him a friendly back massage. He started telling me about the knots in his back and so I offered to give him a full back rub some time. So then he tells me has has to get one from a professional.

Uhm... okay. Why? That's what I was thinking anyway. So I gently lifted him off my lap and said, "Fine." He asked if I was mad at him... I said, "No... I'm disappointed." He said, "In me?" I said "No." Then I explained. I said, "It's the same type of disappointment one gets when there's something they want to do... or some place they want to go... and then find out they can't do it or cant' go there." But it's not about him specifically. Just the same disappointment I get a lot in my life. No biggie... I'm used to it now.

I figured out my revenge tho. :) The next time he makes a bracelet for me... I'm going to tell him that I've decided to only take bracelets from those who make them professionally. ;) Payback's a bitch.

Overall, it was a good night, tho. Had a good time downtown and I wanna go back to Eye Spy when there's more people there.

*** hours pass ***

So I told him about the bracelets.... he wasn't too happy with what I said but ya know what... I think he understands how I felt now. Maybe... he told me I was being too sensitive. La la la... he's known me long enough now to know what I'm like ... I'm beginning to think he just enjoys pushing my buttons. Well, two can play that game. :)

And it's apparently feast or famine with me still... Jairo asked me what I was doing tonite. He even said that he's not dating girls anymore but that he would make an exception for me. Said he would call me tonight. I'm not holding my breath tho. We'll see.

At any rate, I need to get some work done. Later.

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