Monday, September 17, 2007

Meaningless, Goofy, Silly, Fun

Ya know, it's been a while since I experienced what I call "guilt-free living." It where you do what you want to do because you're not hurting anyone in the process and usually are making people smile instead. I've been reminded what that was like a couple times this weekend. It's somewhere I need to get back to in my own personal life and professional life.

I went out to the P*House last night. No cover, so that's always good. I had a great time dancing my ass off, watched a drag show that I'm glad I saw. Most of the performers were doing their typical "show-off-every-possible-inch-of-my-body-that-I-can-get-away-with-to-some-sexy-track" performance... but one, Nikki Adams, an OLD-school drag performer, came out in an absolutely gorgeous dress, era late 1800s early 1900s, with one of those beautiful hand-held mardi-gras masks, alabaster makeup with a heart beauty mark... very classy and beautiful. Had to tip her, she brought back memories of a great time in my life.

After that, I went back to the dance floor and happened to meet up with some old friends, including someone (Jason) that I hadn't seen in YEARS. That's when the ass-slapping started. Heh. He slapped my left cheek pretty hard. I was standing next to my friend Jay who asked if the other cheek was jealous now. I winked and said, "Well, yeah!" So he slapped the other side. I was doin' good by then (amazing what a good ass slap will do for ya). But then Jason had to come along and smack me again. That's when I made my mistake. I told him that Jay did it better.

Well, I made the mistake of turning my back to Jason, talking to Jay. Just as I was getting ready to turn away, Jason comes up to give me an ass-beating the likes of which WOULD have been fabulous, had I not turned ever so slightly enough that when he made contact, he hit square in the middle, right on the bone. OW!!! Still feeling the results of that!

But otherwise, it was a fun night. No drama, no bullshit, no worries. Just fun. I live for those moments now and treasure them when they come. I may be single, I may be lonely sometimes... but with good friends that will dance, sing, love and laugh with you... what more could you possibly want?


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