Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pass the Pretzels Please?

So the day is here. I'm 38. Yay. Another year has passed since my mother forcefully evicted me from my first apartment. It's okay tho, the accommodations were a bit cramped. Crazy things this week... of course I've already talked about Tim so we'll move past that.

I got in touch with Cheryl again! YAY! That was a real high point for me. I have missed her something fierce! I might be going to Necronomicon on Sunday of next week to see her. I was going to go for the weekend, however I forgot I have role-playing that weekend. I swear, I need a keeper... perhaps a trapper-keeper... I wonder if my mom still has my old one from school. At any rate, we're definitely making plans to see each other again before long.

Yesterday they laid off 11 people at work. Two of them were lunch buddies of mine. Why? Budget issues. Well, this just makes EVERYONE feel so comfortable now, doesn't it? *sigh* ... They tried to assuage everyone's fears but... I think the time has come to be VERY prepared. They said we're still getting paid on Monday. Uhm... was this in question? Why did they bring that up? Are subsequent checks in question? Sometimes, things are just better left unsaid.

I got flowers at work today from "my buddies on the Enterprise team" for my birthday. :) That was sweet. They're very nice flowers, too. I hope I can keep them looking nice for a while.

Tonite I'm going out with a friend and probably going to have a few drinks. I've already warned my employer that I may not be in right away in the morning... so things should be okay there.

I got a very nice card from my mother for my birthday. It was very sweet. Other than that, not much else to report. Still keeping my head above water and trying to keep up with the craziness in my life without getting too stressed out over all of it. Sometimes that's easier said than done. Sometimes, it's just better not even said. :)


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