Monday, September 24, 2007

The weekend

Recap! Starting from Thursday:

So, Thursday night I went to this art exhibit downtown at the Cityarts Factory on Orange. It was really neat... I felt very underdressed tho.... lol. There were several exhibits there in addition to the one I went to see. I went with Brian. He really needed to get out for a while. After the exhibit, we went to eat at the Pita Pit and then Eye Spy downtown. It was fun! Had a great time and ended up walking back to the car in the rain... I like rain tho.

The rest of that night could've been better. I won't get into because it's not important anymore... suffice to say that I allowed myself to get hurt again by someone who's very artful at it... and yet I still give a shit about him. How do I find them?

Friday night, I spent time with the same guy I just mentioned. I was asked out by someone else that night who then never called me to firm things up... so I chose to hang out with the asshole from the last paragraph. A lonely mistake, basically. I can certainly not judge someone else for making the same mistakes that I make and have made... but I can try to shed some light on what to accept and what not to... at least from my own perspective. Listen if you want... otherwise make up your own mind and be happy about it. :)

Saturday... well, this is where it got interesting. I signed up for thanks to Jose and started looking at their conventions. There was one, in October, that was looking for volunteers. It's Screamfest '07 here in Orlando. It's a horror fan convention! Anyway, I filled out their small application and sent it in... hopeful... but not thinking much about it, really.

Later that night, I was at the Drop Shop spinning some records and I got a call from the guy that runs security for the convention. He said I was the only one that filled out the application correctly! Heh. We talked for about 15 minutes about what it means to work a con and what's involved, etc. and he was apparently quite happy with my responses because he sent me a "Welcome To The Team" e-mail the next day! W00t!! So, looks like I'll be hangin' with the ghoulies and gremlins in mid October. :) FUN!

Sunday went by fairly unceremoniously. That night, I went to the P*House and danced my tushie off again. A friend from work joined me there and we had a blast. I also got to meet a girl that had completed transition who lives in Deltona. I say girl but she's a woman through and through. Very timid and shy tho and she was fascinated by my energy that night. It was great tho... I think I made a new friend there. My other friends left me there without saying goodbye (not the guy from work but someone else) and some other guy tried to all up in my business... telling me how
fine I was and how he was going to make me his woman and all that bullshit. So I played with that for a little bit until he was crossing the line and then told him to piss off. Wasn't trying to be mean but I felt that I had established what I was willing to deal with and what I wasn't from the get go. He couldn't handle that apparently, so... whatever.

All in all, another rollercoaster weekend. If nothing else, at least I got the chance to dance and have fun and be me again. I miss that. Plus the whole convention thing looks fun... total geek mode there. ;)


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