Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A chat with Tim's mom

So yesterday, I was pretty much a complete mess. I tried to get in touch with everyone that I knew that knew Tim that might not have known of his passing. I also wanted to get in touch with Cheryl and Tim's mom... but I didn't have phone numbers for either of them. I lucked into getting Susan's number and was finally able to get in touch with her. We talked for quite a while last night and hearing her voice and sharing memories was very good for us. She had wanted to get in touch with me but didn't know how. Although the circumstances of my learning of his death were odd, I am thankful that it happened because it's taught me that friendships should never be severed over petty bullshit in this life.

Going to try to get some work done today and also contact Cheryl later tonite, if I can find her.


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