Thursday, September 20, 2007

DC Comics Has Lost Their Minds


So, a couple days ago I posted about SUPERMAN: DOOMSDAY. Before i get too much into this... let me describe my experience with this story.

When I first heard about this story, I saw the novelization by Roger Stern in a book store. I was curious about it and picked it up. Read it from cover to cover and let my mind imagine everything as I soaked in the pages. I was hooked! I had to read the comics now. So I searched high and low until I found "The Death of Superman," "A World Without a Superman," and "The Return of Superman." All three of these are thick bound comics containing all the original content from the various series that covered the death and return of Supes. I finally got to see the visual representations of the story I had fallen in love with. I would let my mind wander about how great a trilogy of live-action motion pictures would be that were devoted to this story. Then, I heard about this DVD.

So last night, I bought the DVD... a copy for me and a copy for Josh since I figured he'd be into it. I watched my copy last night. All I can say is... what a WASTE of money for my expectations! Allow me to list them:

1) LexCorp released Doomsday. Uhm... no, LexCorp had nothing to do with it.
2) Doomsday was in a "prison capsule" from an alien race, was not bound within it and broke out of his capsule easily. This is also inconsistent as Doomsday had to WORK at getting out of his imprisonment and was bound for sometime afterwards.
3) The JLA made NO appearance within the animated work. In the books, the JLA was what kept him busy until Superman could get to him.
4) Lois had no clue that Superman was Clark Kent. Nope, in the books, they knew.
5) Jonathan Kent was already passed away and Lois and Martha never interacted. Also false.
6) After Superman's death, Lex Luthor cloned a full-size Superman. No No No! Lex was always a day late and a dollar short with Supes. Superman's clone was a boy and was made by the Cadmus project.
7) No appearance whatsoever of any other DC comics characters at the funeral.
8) Supergirl was nowhere to be found.
9) No Eradicator, no Superboy, no Hank Henshaw Cyborg, no John Henry Irons (Man of Steele), No Mongul, No Warworld.
10) Lex Luthor made a pass at Lois Lane. WTF?!

I could go on... but what's the point. I sat in sheer horror and disbelief at what I was watching. The magnitude of the changes to the storyline were staggering. The ONLY thing that was consistent was some of the fight between Supes and Doomsday. It just goes to show that you shouldn't tamper with what is already perfect. I don't know what the writers were thinking when they made this piece of crap... but they obviously weren't interested in telling the story... they were only interested in making money from The Death of Superman property. Well congratulations boys... you did it. Next time, I'll know better.

"Mmm.. mm.mmmm. I wish I had four hands so I give those titties FOUR THUMBS DOWN!" - Dave Chapelle as Rick James.

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