Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Great subject... really makes you want to read this post, right? Oh well, you're reading it anyway... guess you're bored too. The day is crawling by. It started out with much ferver but now it is almost as if time has stopped. Nothing to work on, no e-mails, got caught up on Strong Bad's e-mails (the most recent one was pretty damn good, actually), no service tickets to work on, can't use AIM at the office anymore, no activity on ravematch, no activity on myspace... BLAH!

I guess I should be thankful. The past two and a half-weeks have been nuts. Crazy things... nutty things... you just don't know the half of it (unless you're in it which then... I guess you do). But see, I've gotten used to the breakneck pace and now that it has slowed down... I don't know what to do. If I were at home, I'd be laying out in the hammock or writing some tunes or something like that. But since I'm not... I just sit here staring at the office computer waiting for something to happen. Perhaps I should not be so expectant and just enjoy the break from the ridiculous. I don't know... I'm still bored.

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