Friday, May 6, 2005

Perfect Ending

Well, this week has been just ducky. A flood on Monday, car problems on Tuesday, water heater problems on Wednesday, fever on Thursday, sick on Friday. Can't wait for the weekend.

Honestly, I am wondering what horrible sin I've committed to reap such horrific karma. All that needs to happen now for everything to be complete would be for say... my shingles to re-activate or my house to catch on fire... or maybe my best friend become deathly ill. Come on, bring it on, I can take it. BLAH!

Yes, I know, they are all coincidences, but it sure doesn't seem that way sometimes. Makes me wonder if someone out there has it in for me. Oh yes... and the good news yesterday... the total for the water reclamation services... $2635. Yah... not sure how THAT happened. Well, actually I do know. They didn't tell us about the cost for the anti-microbial agent, the cost for a supervisor, the "equipment decontamination fee" upon removal of the equipment, the cost of removing the carpet from the master closet, and they charged us for 4 days instead of the 3 days it was all actually here. Needless to say, I'm not paying it. They made no mention about any of these charges beforehand... so I don't think I should pay for them afterwards.

On a lighter note, I bought $130 worth of beads yesterday. I needed something to ease my mind. So I'll be making kandi bracelets for a while. At least it's something to do while I sit here sick as a dog. Just have to keep thinking to myself, "this too shall pass, this too shall pass." *sigh*

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