Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Little Things

It's the little things that make it worth while, right? You betcha! Got up today feeling typically irritated that my sleep was interrupted by yet another Thursday. Thursday's are the worst because they always feel like they should be Fridays. Running late as usual, I finally get to the office only to find that three emergencies are happening all at once. My "cell-mate" isn't here today, she's sick... so I'll have no one to chat with all day and the world is falling apart. So, I go into Wonder Woman mode, catch the offending bits of code in the act and whip them into shape... all before lunch.

That's when I find out that Twink was not more than 5 minutes away from me doing something for her boss. It was like a little ray of sunshine during the day. We could do lunch together! And so we did! It may seem like something small... and it is... but the fact that it was her and we could get away from both of our blahs, even for just 30 minutes, was awesome. Since she works on the other side of town, we both knew it was a rare thing and met at Subway. Life is good. =D

I still have 6.5 hours left here at the office... but that little surprise will keep me going for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we're going to Tampa for Memorial Day weekend so tomorrow will be a happy day too. Looking forward to a great weekend, I am. :)

zzZZZZzzzZZZzzztt ..o`O*..!!!

Woah, okay, 4.5 hours just flew by. Hell, I forgot I hadn't posted this blog until just now... HA! Oh well, more to tell, then... not much because this place ain't that exciting. In fact, other than watching the building manager change his clothes in the parking lot (yeah, that was weird) nothing has really happened here.

Got an estimate for the pool re-screening. The total for the re-screen and the structure rebuild came in $100 over what the insurance company originally paid out. So we are actually going to get a little more money since it's still less than the depreciation reserve. Yay! Hopefully, this means that before June my pool will be usable again. We still have to get the solar panels checked out... AGAIN and Rob says there's something wonky with the top of the chimney. He thinks we should check it out before hurricane season gets too far underway. Fine. Blah.

Anyway, nothing more to say today. I'll probably write again tomorrow before the trip and then sometime on Monday when we get back. Toodles!

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