Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Money... it's a gas.

So... the blowers and dehumidifiers have been in the house now for 2 days. Still no sign of getting dry. I begin to question the logic, obviously... and the fact that trying to sleep with the blowers blowing all night, not to mention waking up with a sore throat every morning caused by the dryness, is about to drive me insane. The house is tore up with things in places where they don't belong etc. And the longer we keep the blowers, the more expensive it gets. Current total: $860.00

Next: Last night my neighbor stopped by to tell me that my car lights were still on. But it was just the brake lights. No other light was on. Odd. So I started playing around with it and realized that the brake light switch had gone all wonky. Great. So to keep my battery from running down, I had to prop up my brake pedal with phone books. Took the car to Tuffy's today and thought, well, I should have them do a tune-up since it's overdue (by 1000 miles) and have them repair the passenger rear tire. $378 dollars. They also suggested the timing belt and the water pump for only an additional $400... which I declined as gracefully as I could. Anyway, later I get a call from them saying that the front brakes are almost shot and the serpentine belt IS shot. Another $350 to $400 bucks for that. I declined the brakes, had them fix the belt. I'll take the car to Midas and have them check the brakes for a second opinion. All told: $455.57.

The mortgage still needs to be paid, one of the utilities, and my Amex card. So, Pink Floyd is right... Money is a gas. It becomes vaporous rather quickly.

More good news, since the insurance company already paid to have the floors replaced after the hurricane, and we hadn't replaced them yet, they won't pay to replace them again... funny that. And the deductible per incident is $1000.00 so as of right now, we'd only save $290 by filing for insurance. If I need to keep the blowers there more than 3 days, I might consider it... but right now, it seems silly to go through all the hassle for that money. Not to mention the possibility that after two claims in as many years they might turn around and drop our policy... not good. So screw that.

Oh well, at least I still have my health... oh wait... is that my liver hanging out?

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