Friday, May 20, 2005

Episode III

Oh my... oh my... I can't even get out the whole phrase... let me compose myself.... OH MY GAWD! Possibly the best film of the entire set of 6! This is one that I *will* see again in the theatre. I *will* pay to see it again without a doubt. I was moved to tears 4 times during the movie ... the depth of the story, the parallels to our lives and the realizations it provided were absolutely astonishing! But then, I'm a story person. For those who see the special effects and whine that it's all CGI, etc... I ignore you. The story is always what drives the film. Whenever I watch a film, I become so engrossed I become part of it... that's just how I am. I *live* the story with the characters. If you are like this, and have any love for the Star Wars universe at all, you will love this film.

Going to Tampa this weekend for role-playing. Looking forward to it! The pool screen structure finally got fixed yesterday. Now we just need to get the screens fixed and the pool resurfaced and it will be perfect! The pool resurfacing is going to be a pain in the arse since it will have to be drained. So that's a project for later. I'm just glad that we've been able to get it done! Things are coming together again and life is starting to return to some semblance of normalcy. So life is good. I'll probably not post again until next week sometime as this weekend will be very busy. So until then, have a great weekend!

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