Monday, May 30, 2005

Off The Rails

That's how I describe this weekend... Off the Mutha Effin' Rails. Let's see... ready? Here we go.

Friday, supposed to get off work early to be able to get my crap together and pick up everybody, drive to Tampa, get settled in, and then go out. I should've known how the weekend was going to go from what happened on Friday...

I get in and there are 4 emergencies happening at once... a continuation of the previous day's BS. So once again, I go into Wonder Woman mode and begin dealing with the crises as quickly as I can... but information was being spoon-fed to me about how bad the situation really was. As a result, I didn't end up leaving the office until 8:30 that night... 4 HOURS after I was supposed to leave.

Everyone, God love them, waited for me. I told them to go ahead and go and that I would make sure they were taken care of if I couldn't get to the hotel, etc. But, they were insistant that I go with them. Ya gotta love friends that put their plans on hold just so you can be a part of them.

So we finally get to Tampa and the other vehicle blew out a tire three exits away from our exit. So I turn around to go back and help them get back on the road. We finally get to the club at about 1 am. We have two hours left at the club. *sigh*. But at least we got there.

After a great time there, we headed back to the hotel. One of the members of the crew (the birthday boy) developed a migraine and wanted to sleep while the others still wanted to party. Drama ensues. I admit, I broke down, but only because I wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time, etc. I wasn't mad at any one person for anything. Each in their own way was trying to protect me, so... it's all good.

We finally sort that out and just kinda chill out in the hotel for most of the day on Saturday. The plans had to be altered slightly because one of the vehicles still had a donut on it. But, being a resourceful crew, we managed to get to a party that pretty much blew away every other party I've been to. The end of it wasn't so great since the cops showed up and some people were having difficulties adjusting to normality... but... oh well. We were all tired from a great time and just wanted to relax somewhere for a while before starting the long trip back to Orlando.

We went back to the hotel to pick up our things and check out. Went back to where the party was at since the host graciously offered to let us crash there for a few hours before heading out. But someone else in the household wasn't so ammenable to that idea and we had to leave. Blah. But of course, before we could leave, we had to get that one tire fixed (it was working on a donut). So, first we go to Tire Kingdom, all beat and exhausted from a weekend of fun, and then head home.

All in all, it was a good time... but it was a rollercoaster. I had planned to be home all day today to just chill and relax at home with my man before going back to work... but apparently that's not allowed. My office calls with 4 different emergencies... and of course, I'm always the only one that can seem to fix anything around here. So, I'm at the office, baby-sitting some systems to make sure everything gets finished and is kosher. So far, I've been here 4 hours. 4 more and I'm asking for another day off to replace my "holiday" since this is a bank recognized holiday.

Anyway, I can only hope that when everything calms down (after I get this last fire put out at work) that things will settle back into some semblance of normalcy. A girl can dream can't she?

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