Saturday, July 14, 2007

NetGear can kiss my ass!

So... yesterday we had problems with our NetGear router. It just... stopped. No lights... just a power light taunting us. So I looked for the receipt for about an hour and then finally decided to just take it back and see if they could figure out whether it was still under warranty. It was. Yay! Manufacturer's warranty was still in effect. But they didn't have the same model so I had to drive all the way across town to another BestBuy that did have one.

So I finally get home and get it set up and everything's gravy for about.... oh.... 15 minutes. Then it starts screwing up. For the next 3 hours, I wrestled with this thing to no avail. I figured, screw it... I'm going to bed.

I got up this morning and felt the need to try to get it working before I left for work. I managed to get it going. According to Twink, it was working all day. But when I got home, everything was screwed. So, I started working on it again. After about an hour, I called Netgear support. USELESS! He actually tried to convince me that the problem was the firewall on Twink's computer. Yeah... like her firewall is causing the entire network to go down... okay. To make a much longer story a little shorter... the guy didn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. I eventually determined this and chose to disconnect it completely.

This has led, of course, to MUCH drama in the house. That's when I remembered that our VoIP device is also a wireless broadband router. So... about 30 minutes later... and Voila!... wireless access again. Yay!

NetGear sucks people. And now I have to go return the aggravation Twink's son is giving me... I've been typing this for over an hour now and finally finished it.


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