Wednesday, July 11, 2007

What Matters

"You don't get it. I've won. It's over. You don't matter! In a few seconds you won't even be matter!" -- Eggar from MIB

What mattered to the bug in MIB was it's family. Did it really care what the humans thought? Nope. Did it really care whether they were going to survive? Nope. It was offered the opportunity for it's family to survive and it did everything in it's power to make that happen. That's dedication to family. Can I admire it's dedication? Absolutely. Would I have stopped it from doing what it was trying to do? Absolutely.

See, the one thing the bug didn't get was the overall balance of nature. That to sacrifice the humans so that the bugs can live only makes the bugs more of a target. Okay, yeah, I know... this is getting a little silly ... it's just a movie, right? Well maybe it is and maybe there's more to it than what we thought.

War produces more war. Hate produces more hate. Jealousy produces more jealousy.

Peace produces more peace. Love produces more love. Unity produces more unity.

Why do we have to fight over things and make it a competition? LOL... the answer to that is easy... "It's how we've always done it!" Wheee! Gee, that's a good reason. I know, if it ain't broke don't fix it. If it works the way it is, why change it? But see, these are just euphemisms for continuing a behavior that eventually will destroy us all. Because the one that continues to look out for ways to protect their own without considering the consequences of their actions will eventually become the victim of someone else looking out for their own. It's called segregation, compartmentalization, delineation... separation.

Is there a better way? Absolutely!

How about working together. Accepting that no one's worth is any less than anyone else's worth. That what one person brings to the community is no greater and no less than what another brings? Without everyone's contribution, we are less that what we were. With everyone together, we become more. It's called letting go of self and letting a greater good take hold. Each person gets their own limelight and no-one's limelight shines brighter than another's. And when we all hold hands together and work together... we make something even greater be able to take shape, wake up, and move mountains. :)

So ask yourself from now on... who benefits from what I am doing? Is it good for everyone or just my family... just my spouse.... just my friends... just me?

:: steps off the soapbox ::


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